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A Queen Died 1.2K Years Ago. Now, See Her Face

Archaeologist spent 220 hours reconstructing Wari queen's appearance

(Newser) - The gold ornaments in her ears stand out among the dark hair, sprinkled with gray. Like the lined face, the corners of the mouth drooping slightly; it's a sign of her age—the roughly 60 years she spent on Earth, as opposed to the 1,200 years that have... More »

This Man Died 4.5K Years Ago

Scientists use 3D scanning to piece together features of a skull thousands of years old

(Newser) - We're getting a look at the face of a man who lived 4,500 years ago, thanks to a visual reconstruction by scientists, reports Live Science . Forensic specialists at Liverpool John Moores University, known as Face Lab, were commissioned by the Buxton Museum to digitally re-create the face of... More »

This Man Lived 700 Years Ago

His name is Context 958, and studying him sheds light on UK's poor in medieval times

(Newser) - Gizmodo calls his face "haunting," but to UK researchers, seeing the mug of the man known as Context 958 is nothing short of astounding. His visage was revealed at the two-week-long Cambridge Science Festival this month, as were details about who he was: in short, a 13th-century... More »

Scale of Devastation in Aleppo Is Staggering

Rebuilding Syria's biggest city could cost $40B

(Newser) - After more than four years of brutal street fighting and punishing aerial bombardments, the staggering extent of destruction in Aleppo begins to emerge: Tens of thousands of homes and apartments are uninhabitable, most factories have been looted or destroyed, and some ancient landmarks have been reduced to rubble, the AP... More »

Buffett: Japan Presents 'Buying Opportunity'

Country's 'economic future' unchanged, says investing guru

(Newser) - There’s no need to panic about Japanese markets post-earthquake, says Warren Buffett: Such cataclysmic events often create a “buying opportunity,” he tells Reuters from South Korea. “It will take some time to rebuild,” but the market plunge “will not change the economic future of... More »

New Orleans Repair an Experiment in Green

(Newser) - Four years after Katrina, the rebuilding of New Orleans is becoming an exercise in environmentally friendly reconstruction, Bryan Walsh writes in Time. Global Green USA, the American arm of a group founded by Mikhail Gorbachev, is leading the pack by building a sustainable village in the city's Lower Ninth Ward,... More »

While US Dallies, France Spends Its Stimulus

(Newser) - France has a reputation for stifling bureaucracy and long vacations, but when it comes to stimulus spending, the country is racing ahead of the US. This summer, workers are completing massive renovation projects not just for roads and rails, but to museums and cathedrals, and royal palaces. According to the... More »

New Orleans Builds on Hollywood-Friendly Rep

Films provide critical revenue to city

(Newser) - Movie projects like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button have provided valuable revenue to beleaguered New Orleans, and new studio and soundstage developments aim to ensure the city has all the amenities filmmakers need to complete their projects. The city is getting 600,000 feet of soundstages—needed to shoot... More »

It's Official: New Orleans Will Never Be the Same

(Newser) - Even if the government somehow managed to re-create pre-Katrina New Orleans, it couldn't guarantee the safety of the city and its residents, according to a new report. The Army Corps of Engineers is rebuilding levees in anticipation of a “100-year storm,” but for a city of New Orleans’... More »

War, Not Nation-Building, Will Be Obama's Top Afghan Goal

Objectives could strain, even break, US ties with President Karzai

(Newser) - In a departure from Bush policies, the Obama administration intends to ramp up military operations in Afghanistan at the expense of reconstruction, the New York Times reports, shifting the burden of civil work to NATO allies. “If we set ourselves the objective of creating some sort of Central Asian... More »

Gift Cows Give Hope to Kosovo War Widows

Aid group helps heal the wounds of war in Europe's fledgling country

(Newser) - A Dutch organization is helping steer Kosovo's war widows toward a brighter future, Radio Free Netherlands reports. Many were left to fend for themselves after losing loved ones in the war against Serbia; now the Dutch group The Bridge is giving them cows to put food on the table and... More »

China Death Toll Breaks 51K

Beijing pledges $10B to reconstruction

(Newser) - China’s official earthquake death toll has today topped 51,000, with almost 300,000 injured, and another 29,000 missing, CNN reports. Meanwhile, donations from home and abroad tallied $3 billion, while Beijing pledged another $10 billion to reconstruction efforts, including $3.6 billion for rescue and relief work. More »

B&N Chief Gives $20M for Katrina Relief

Money will support building of 20 new houses

(Newser) - The chair of Barnes & Noble and his wife are donating $20 million to New Orleans in what may be the biggest Katrina relief project yet, the AP reports. Leonard Riggio said today that the funds will build 20 new houses in a racially mixed neighborhood for lower-income families. Those... More »

Corruption Shadows Iraq Rebuilding

US investigates dozens of fraud cases as pricey projects disintegrate

(Newser) - US auditors monitoring the rebuilding process in Iraq are battling forces they compare to "a second insurgency"—corruption and economic mismanagement. The Iraqi government is refusing to handle reconstruction projects worth billions of dollars, and US officials are now investigating more than 50 fraud cases, the BBC reports. More »

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