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Romney Actually a ... Hero?

Campaign presents stiff, all-business image, but gentle, heroic Mitt exists

(Newser) - To hear the Washington Post tell it, Mitt Romney has played the hero on more than one occasion: He has, with sons in tow, sped across a New Hampshire lake on jet skis to rescue capsized boaters; he shuttered his Boston office and took his staff to NYC to search... More »

'Likable, Schmikable'... Right?

What are voters responding to in evaluating a candidate's likability?

(Newser) - “Likable, schmikable. Isn't the nation at war?” asks the Chicago Tribune's Julia Keller. Yet America's love for likable candidates (think George W. Bush) took center stage at a recent debate when Barack Obama defended Hillary Clinton's likability. Some candidates have won without it, but it gives voters "a... More »

Hillary Hunts for the Human Touch

Slate parses candidate Clinton’s likability gap

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has experience and leadership to spare, but she’s battling innate appearances just to be liked, Slate’s John Dickerson says. No one thinks Clinton's a shrinking violet—pollees call her tougher than former POW John McCain—but she struggles on the "softer" qualities, like, say, appearing... More »

3 Stories