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Scots Move to Save Rare Wildcats

Experts warn that only 400 of the unique predators remain

(Newser) - Scotland has launched a program to save the last of its rare Scottish wildcats, the BBC reports. Experts warn that fewer than 400 of the unique cats—endangered by persecution, habitat loss, and interbreeding with domestic cats—are believed to remain. Officials are seeking to raise awareness, encourage the neutering... More »

House Cat Hisstory Traced to 5 Mideast Matriarchs

Felines chose domestic life 10,000 years ago

(Newser) - The origin of 600 million house cats has been traced to five matriarchal lines in the Mideast, where the first wildcats moved close to families some 10,000 years ago and earned their keep eating vermin,  the New York Times reports. House cats share striking DNA similarities with wildcats... More »

2 Stories