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This Is the Woman Most Wanted by ISIS

Iraqi lawmaker Vian Dakhil is fighting to save her Yazidi sect

(Newser) - Vian Dakhil is a 43-year-old member of Iraqi's parliament who also happens to be at the top of the Islamic State's death list, writes Abigail Haworth in a profile for Marie Claire . Dakhil is one of only two representatives in parliament of the Yazidi sect, one that ISIS... More »

Council Gives Iraq Security Deal Final Approval

Two bombings claim lives of Iraqi civilians, US troops

(Newser) - Iraq's presidential council today approved the security pact that lays out a 3-year timeframe for US troops to leave— the final step for the agreement to replace a UN mandate that expires Dec. 31, the AP reports. As the final legal hurdle to the deal was cleared, American soldiers and... More »

Fisticuffs Over Security Deal End Session of Iraqi Parliament

Sadr ally allegedly shoves speaker

(Newser) - Discussion of the security deal between the US and Iraq deteriorated into a shouting match between members of the Iraqi parliament today, the New York Times reports. Parliament is scheduled to vote on the measure next week, but could not get through a reading of the agreement today before an... More »

Iraq Passes Election Law, But Skirts Key Issues

No deal on control over northern oil hub, representation of minority groups

(Newser) - The Iraqi parliament today passed a long-delayed law establishing provincial elections, a step the government hopes will protect recent security gains by opening the political process. The first elections are expected in January, the New York Times reports, but questions remain about how to ensure representation for Iraq’s religious... More »

Regional Voting in Doubt in Iraqi Impasse

Parliament adjourns before compromise on provincial law reached

(Newser) - Iraq’s parliament failed to pass a law on provincial elections before its summer recess, jeopardizing the possibility of elections later this year, the New York Times reports. A consensus was seen as necessary for political unity among Iraq’s fractious political blocs, with President Bush even contacting legislators to... More »

Sunnis Rejoin Iraqi Parliament

Bloc split off last year over power sharing; ministry appointments helped patch rift

(Newser) - The Sunni Arab bloc of Iraq's Parliament returned from a year-long absence today, Reuters reports, as the government approved several Sunni ministerial candidates. The move is a major breakthrough for national reconciliation; "It is a real step forward for political reform,"  a senior lawmaker in the bloc... More »

General Plans New Round of Iraq Troop Cuts

Petraeus reveals second withdrawal likely after July

(Newser) - General David Petraeus is preparing new plans to withdraw American troops from Iraq on top of previously announced reductions. The US commander in Iraq said that after more than 20,000 soldiers are pulled out by July, he will recommend further cutbacks later in the year, he told the Times... More »

Iraq Lawmakers Overcome Rifts, Pass Key Laws

Long deadlock had threatened to dissolve young parliament

(Newser) - A day after the speaker of Iraq’s parliament threatened to disband the legislature, lawmakers passed three key but divisive laws after months of infighting, the Christian Science Monitor reports. The measures—passage of a federal budget, limited amnesty for prisoners, and curbs on the powers of local governments—allowed... More »

Shiites Shout Down Iraqi Law

Bill to let Baathists in government gets shelved after uproar; Bush calls law vital

(Newser) - Iraqi lawmakers shouted down a bill today that would let members of Saddam's Baath party return to public posts, AFP reports. Shiite lawmakers heckled the first reading of the measure, which Bush has touted as a benchmark of Iraqi progress. Now the bill goes to a legal body for changes,... More »

Iraqi Parliament Takes a Break

Little movement on key legislation as body adjourns through August

(Newser) - Saying PM Nouri al-Maliki's government had given it little to work with, Iraq's parliament began a 5-week recess today, Reuters reports. The chamber normally begins its summer break in July, but with crucial legislation pending, members delayed. Squabbling between political factions then stalled laws seen as vital to mending the... More »

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