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Clue in Drawing May Prove Big Michelangelo Discovery

Indicates 2 bronzes are only such surviving sculptures by artist

(Newser) - Two sculptures of nude men—one young, one older—atop "ferocious" panthers might seem attention-grabbing of their own accord, but the pair are generating buzz for another reason entirely: "Compelling evidence" indicates they were crafted by Michelangelo, according to a press release from Cambridge University. If that's... More »

Lubbock, Texas, Makes Sure It Remembers Its Mistake

Statue unveiled for Tim Cole, who was wrongly jailed for rape

(Newser) - In 1986, a Texas Tech student was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the rape of 20-year-old Michele Mallin. Tim Cole endured his incarceration with optimism and faith, encouraging his sister to finish law school and donating to charity with money from his GI Bill from prison—an especially... More »

2 Stories