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Health Damage From Sitting Can Be Walked Back

Short breaks to walk can improve blood flow

(Newser) - Scientists have long warned that spending too much time sitting can put you in an early grave through heart disease , obesity , cancer , or other health problems—but a new study says at least some of the damage can be reversed by simply getting up and walking every so often. Researchers... More »

Impotence Linked to Doubled Death Risk

Men treated for ED should be screened for heart problems

(Newser) - Men who suffer from heart disease and erectile dysfunction may have twice the risk of both heart attack and death, a new study shows. The findings, published in Circulation, add to a body of research that suggests erectile dysfunction may signal other health problems. The message to patients: "If... More »

Newspaper Circulation Off 10%

Decline one of the biggest ever

(Newser) - Daily newspaper circulation has taken a massive 10.6% drop over the past six months, the Audit Bureau of Circulations said today, while Sunday circulation fell 7.4%. The drop, one of the worst ever, is a potent sign of the industry’s decline, Editor & Publisher reports. Things were... More »

Minimum Wage Rises to $7.25

Some say hike will hurt small business; others hold it'll boost economy

(Newser) - The minimum wage today jumps 70 cents to $7.25 an hour, a move that rekindles a debate as old as the wage itself, notes the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Some worry that the increase puts an unfair burden on small businesses, especially with times so tight; others say low-wage earners will... More »

Ad Slump KOs Vibe

(Newser) - Hip-hop magazine Vibe is ceasing operations today, the New York Times reports. The publication has been in dire financial straits, and its chief said it had sought new investors or a plan “to restructure the huge debt on our small company” to no avail. Though Vibe reported healthy circulation... More »

Minneapolis Newspaper Files for Bankruptcy

Star Tribune , overwhelmed by debt, plans to keep operating under reorganization

(Newser) - The Minneapolis Star Tribune has filed for bankruptcy protection after missing payments to creditors, the paper reports. Like most other 3-D news outlets, the 15th-largest daily in the country has seen a steep decline in advertising revenue. The Chapter 11 filing shows assets of $493.2 million and debt of... More »

Detroit Papers to Cut Home Delivery

Likely move will be first for major metro rags

(Newser) - In another sign of the dire health of the newspaper business, leading Detroit newspapers are expected to announce this week that they're eliminating home delivery 4 days a week, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Detroit Free Press and the News would be the first major metropolitan papers to take... More »

Surprise, Webheads: Newspaper Sales Are Up

Worldwide, that is—not in the US and Europe

(Newser) - Newspaper circulation is up worldwide despite slipping numbers in the US and Europe, the AP reports. Officials at a worldwide newspaper conference said today that India and China are leading the 2.6% increase, thanks to higher literacy, incomes, and more leisure time. "They say newspapers and print are... More »

Newspaper Circulation Off 3.6%

USA Today , WSJ only big names to buck accelerating downward trend

(Newser) - Newspaper circulation contracted the past six months as competition from Internet sources and cutbacks in advertising decreased sales, Bloomberg reports. Circulation dropped 3.6% for the industry as a whole, with only USA Today and the Wall Street Journal enjoying slightly increased circulation among the 25 largest papers. "The... More »

Long Trips Double Risk of Developing Blood Clots

WHO warns travelers of danger of sitting

(Newser) - Travelers who don't move around during long trips double their risk of developing a dangerous blood clot, the World Health Organization says. Deep-vein thrombosis is usually associated with air travel, but train, bus, and car passengers who sit for 4 hours or longer also risk the formation of clots, which... More »

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