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Boy Who Died of Virus Was Otherwise Healthy

Eli Waller, 4, went to bed with pinkeye and never woke up

(Newser) - A 4-year-old New Jersey boy who died after contracting enterovirus-68 had no symptoms other than pinkeye when his mom put him to sleep on the night of Sept. 24; by the time she went in the next morning to wake him up, he had died, Bloomberg reports. Eli Waller stayed... More »

New Jersey Preschooler Who Died Had Virus

But authorities can't say for sure whether EV-D68 is responsible for death

(Newser) - A 4-year-old who died in New Jersey had the virus that is making hundreds of kids sick around the country, reports NBC Philadelphia . Health authorities say the preschooler in Hamilton Township tested positive for enterovirus-D68. But as is the case with a child in Rhode Island who also died, health... More »

Forget Enterovirus: RSV Kills Kids

Texas physician says EV-68 isn't much different than other respiratory illnesses

(Newser) - Enterovirus-68—a respiratory illness for which there's no specific treatment, according to the CDC —has sent hundreds of people (mostly kids) to the hospital nationwide: By last count, there were 443 cases reported in 40 states, NBC News notes. But one doctor says that the illness may be... More »

3 Stories