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Nurse Who Survived Ebola Is Suing Texas Hospital

'PR pawn' Nina Pham says hospital failed her

(Newser) - Nina Pham beat Ebola; now she's taking on the place where she caught it. Pham, who contracted the virus while caring for dying patient Thomas Eric Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, tells the Dallas Morning News that she is suing the parent company of the hospital that... More »

Hospital Offers Full-Page Apology Ad Over Ebola

As worker who went on cruise is cleared

(Newser) - Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital hasn't exactly had a lot of good publicity lately: After the hospital first turned away Thomas Eric Duncan, he later died of Ebola; two of his nurses came down with the virus—one of whom took two flights just before she was diagnosed—as nurses... More »

Doctor Shoots Video of Ebola Nurse in Bed

Nina Pham talks, cries in video shortly before being transferred to Md. facility

(Newser) - Nina Pham had been isolated in a Dallas hospital room since she was diagnosed with Ebola last week, but her attending physician released a video yesterday showing Pham smiling, chatting, and wiping away tears from her hospital bed. Pham sat up and looked to be in good spirits as she... More »

Texas Ebola Worker Quarantined ... on Cruise Ship

Employee may have handled Thomas Eric Duncan's samples

(Newser) - If you're already a little paranoid about getting sick on a cruise ship , this news is certainly not going to help: A Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital employee who may have handled Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan's lab specimens has self-quarantined aboard the Carnival Magic. The unnamed worker never... More »

Yale Student Tested for Ebola; More Quarantined

As Tom Frieden, others testify before House subcommittee

(Newser) - A Yale doctoral student who came back to Connecticut recently after visiting Liberia has a fever and is being tested for Ebola, officials say. The student is in isolation at Yale-New Haven Hospital, CNN reports. Meanwhile, one person in Ohio who was recently in contact with or in the vicinity... More »

2nd Case of Ebola in Dallas; Nurses Decry Hospital

Worker tested positive after reporting fever

(Newser) - Nurse Nina Pham is no longer the only American to contract Ebola while caring for Thomas Duncan . A second health care worker at Dallas' Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital has tested positive for the virus. The Texas Department of State Health Services says the worker reported a fever yesterday and was... More »

Dallas Nurse With Ebola 'Conscientious and Careful'

Nina Pham gets blood from US Ebola survivor

(Newser) - Colleagues describe Nina Pham, the nurse who contracted Ebola while caring for Thomas Duncan, as not just compassionate, but extremely careful, which makes it more of a mystery how she became infected. A friend and fellow nurse tells the New York Times that Pham is very committed to her profession... More »

CDC Blames 'Protocol Breach' in Dallas Ebola Case

Meanwhile, nurse praised as 'heroic' as officials quarantine 'close contact'

(Newser) - The Texas health care worker who has become what is believed to be the first case of Ebola contracted on American soil wore full protective garb when treating Thomas Duncan, officials tell the AP . She is a female nurse, adds CNN , citing inside sources, though her identity is being withheld... More »

Texas Health Worker Has Ebola

Treated Thomas Duncan; reported low-grade fever Friday

(Newser) - Health officials say a health care worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital who provided care for the Ebola patient hospitalized there has tested positive for Ebola in a preliminary test. A statement posted on the Texas Department of State Health Service's website today says "confirmatory testing will be... More »

Ebola Patient Had Fever of 103 on First ER Visit

But Thomas Duncan got sent home, only to return 2 days later

(Newser) - Thomas Duncan's temperature spiked to 103 degrees during the hours of his initial visit to an emergency room—a fever that was flagged with an exclamation point in the hospital's record-keeping system, his medical records show. Despite telling a nurse that he had recently been in Africa and... More »

US Ebola Patient Vomited 'All Over' Outside Apartment

Texas official now says at least 80 came in contact with Thomas Duncan

(Newser) - The first Ebola patient diagnosed in the US is now in isolation, but a Texas health official told KHOU this morning that more than 80 people came into at least indirect contact with Liberian national Thomas Duncan. Of those, four or five are being monitored closely and have been told... More »

US Ebola Patient Had Contact With Sick Woman in Liberia

Dallas authorities keeping watch on 5 kids, others possibly exposed

(Newser) - Nobody else in Dallas is showing symptoms of Ebola, but health authorities are keeping a close watch on several people—including five children—who were in contact with the new patient before his diagnosis, reports DallasNews.com . The number of people possibly exposed might have been smaller had the patient,... More »

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