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Chemical Used to Kill Lice Linked to Kids' Bad Behavior

Study on pyrethroids is 'cause for concern,' says a child psychiatrist

(Newser) - Here's something else not to like about lice, mosquitoes, and fleas. An insecticide used to kill them—pyrethroids—might be linked to behavior issues in children as young as 6, a French study suggests. The researchers, noting the effects the chemical had on the nervous systems of insects, wondered... More »

If You Get Lice, Hope That It's In This State

Michigan is the only one of 30 where lice don't show drug resistance

(Newser) - Head lice might be a bit harder to nit, er, nip in the bud this year: A study out of Southern Illinois University-Edwardsvillle finds the pests have developed resistance to popular over-the-counter medications in at least 25 states. Kyong Yoon, who helped discover ultra-resistant strains, collected 109 samples of lice... More »

Police: Home Lice Remedy Kills Baby Girl

Family put plastic bag on 1-year-old's head

(Newser) - A baby girl died this weekend when family members spread mayonnaise on her scalp and placed a shopping bag on her head—a home remedy for head lice, the Republican reports. Police in Springfield, Mass., say the 1-year-old child was left alone for hours and apparently suffocated under the bag.... More »

3 Stories