Diane Rehm

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NPR's Diane Rehm Signing Off in 2016

Former stay-at-home mom retiring after hosting her own show for nearly 40 years

(Newser) - NPR's Diane Rehm is known as a civil voice of reason that may be harder to find after next year: The 79-year-old public-radio host is retiring in 2016 after the presidential election, the New York Times reports. "After a long and remarkable career as host of The Diane ... More »

For NPR's Rehm, Right-to-Die Debate Is Personal

Host wades into debate after her husband was forced to starve himself to death

(Newser) - Diane Rehm is a distinctive voice beloved by the 2.6 million people who listen to her NPR show. She's also made the ethically precarious choice to become a voice in the right-to-die debate, and it's personal: As the Washington Post reports, the 78-year-old Rehm ran smack into... More »

2 Stories