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Is 'Jihadi John' Dead? US Drone Strike Targets Him

There's no confirmation yet on whether he was killed

(Newser) - After more than a year of US anti-ISIS airstrikes, "Jihadi John" might finally be history. The Pentagon says Mohammed Emwazi, the brutal militant known for decapitating Western hostages, was the target of a drone strike Thursday night near the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa in Syria, reports Reuters . Whether the... More »

Ex-Hostage: Jihadi John Told Us How We Would Die

Militant touched his blade to their throats, told them of pain

(Newser) - Long before Jihadi John ever slit the throats of a series of hostages in the desert outside Raqqa, he told them exactly what it would be like . He whispered in their ears, touched their jugulars with his sword, and told them how they would die. "He caressed my neck... More »

ISIS Has Child Execute a 'Spy'

'Lion cub' appears to fatally shoot Israeli Arab

(Newser) - More horror from ISIS' media wing: A boy who appears to be no older than 12 shoots dead an alleged Israeli spy in the latest video released by the militants. The video shows an older, French-speaking militant threatening Jews before the boy shoots a man identified as Muhammad Said Ismail... More »

Suicidal Jihadi John: I'm 'a Dead Man Walking'

Old emails with British journo describe feeling watched by MI5

(Newser) - Before he was ISIS' notorious executioner, Mohammed Emwazi was an upscale Londoner —and one who apparently felt persecuted, according to old email correspondence between Emwazi and journalist Robert Verkaik dating back to 2010 and 2011. In them, published yesterday in the Daily Mail , Emwazi discusses feeling like MI5 is... More »

Pittsburgh Pirates: It's 'Sickening' Jihadi John Wore Our Hat

Team responds after photo surfaces of Mohammed Emwazi

(Newser) - After the Islamic State terrorist known as Jihadi John was unmasked as Mohammed Emwazi, Sky News unearthed a photo of him from his days at the University of Westminster in London. Much to the dismay of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Emwazi is wearing a team hat. "It is absolutely sickening... More »

How a 'Safari Vacation' May Have Shaped Jihadi John

He complained about UK 'harassment' when he tried to make 2009 trip

(Newser) - Mohammed Emwazi, the British-Kuwaiti man who has been identified as "Jihadi John," had long been known to British security services—and according to the advocacy group Cage , the way they treated him may have contributed to his radicalization. According to the group, when he tried to travel to... More »

6 Stories