Bernie Sanders 2016

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House Dems Boo Sanders, Tell Him to Get Behind Hillary

Closed caucus meeting with Vermont senator was 'tense'

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders has already said he'll vote for Hillary Clinton if she's the Democrats' nominee—but he still hasn't ceded that title to her nor endorsed her, and members of his own party are getting sick of it. The Vermont senator was actually booed Wednesday during what... More »

Sanders: I Will Vote for Hillary

But that doesn't mean he's endorsing her or dropping out of the race

(Newser) - While Bernie Sanders still hasn't officially thrown in the towel on his run for the Oval Office, he did make one thing clear on MSNBC Friday: He'll vote for Hillary Clinton in November, even if it's just to keep her main opponent out, Politico reports. "Yes,... More »

Sanders Makes Big Speech, Stays in Race

But he says he's willing to work with Clinton

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders delivered a much-anticipated live-streamed video to his supporters Thursday night—and at the end of it, he was still a candidate for president of the United States. He neither withdrew from the Democratic race nor endorsed Hillary Clinton during the 23-minute speech, though he is no longer discussing... More »

What Clinton Said as She Made History

'We've reached a milestone,' she declares

(Newser) - Eight years to the week after she congratulated Barack Obama on a hard-fought campaign and said "18 million cracks" had been made in the highest glass ceiling of all, Hillary Clinton thanked her supporters for helping her make history. "We've reached a milestone," she told supporters... More »

Clinton Takes California, 3 Others; Sanders Wins 2

It was the last big night of the primary season

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has won the big prize in Tuesday's voting, California, though the news comes hours after she'd already declared herself the Democratic nominee. CNN and NBC News called the state for her early Wednesday. Earlier, she won in New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota, while Sanders... More »

As Clinton Makes History, Sanders Says Not So Fast

Clinton downplays talk of clinching nomination

(Newser) - Has Hillary Clinton clinched it? The AP called the Democratic race for Clinton on Monday based on pledged delegates and superdelegates—but Bernie Sanders' campaign says the move is a "rush to judgment." The media is "ignoring the Democratic National Committee's clear statement that it is... More »

Defiant Sanders Picks Fight With Clinton Foundation

He slams it for taking millions from dictatorships

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's win in Puerto Rico's primary on Sunday did nothing to discourage Bernie Sanders, who opened a new line of attack ahead of Tuesday's California primary. Sanders, speaking on CNN's State of the Union, targeted the Clinton Foundation—and its willingness to accept cash from... More »

Animal Rights Activists Storm Sanders Stage

'We don't get intimidated easily,' he tells Oakland crowd

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders may be the preferred candidate of birds , but his stance on animal rights wasn't good enough for at least five protesters who rushed the stage at a rally in Oakland, Calif., Monday evening. The protesters were intercepted and taken away by several Secret Service agents before they... More »

Trump: I'll Debate Sanders If We Can Raise $10M

It's not clear how serious he is

(Newser) - Will Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders really debate? Trump told Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday he was open to the idea, and Sanders is definitely down, but now it looks as if Trump will only follow through on the plan if enough money is raised. "What we'll do is raise... More »

Trump Catches Clinton in National Polls: What It Means

The key thing to keep in mind: It's only May

(Newser) - Not too long ago, Hillary Clinton held double-digit leads over Donald Trump in a hypothetical one-on-one matchup. Trump, however, has now actually edged ahead of her in an average of national polls compiled at RealClearPolitics . The development has prompted all kinds of analysis. Some highlights:
  • "Mr. Trump has made
... More »

Clinton Turns Down Final Debate With Sanders

Eager to wrap up primary, she's shifting focus to Trump

(Newser) - We've apparently seen the last debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. In a statement Monday night, Clinton's camp turned down a final debate that Fox News wanted to host before California's June 7 primary. Clinton's team is "turning our attention to the threat a... More »

Bernie Sanders Backers Sue Over 'Mass Confusion' in California

It all has to do with 'no party preference' voters

(Newser) - "There's mass confusion," William Simpich tells the Los Angeles Times . He's the attorney who on Friday filed a federal lawsuit over California's Democratic presidential primary, and the particulars of the case are a bit confusing as well. When Californians elect California officials, they can vote... More »

Bernie Sanders Takes Big Swipe at DNC Chair

Backs Debbie Wasserman Schultz's primary opponent, says he wouldn't reappoint her

(Newser) - If the Democratic National Committee has a deal for Bernie Sanders , it can apparently shove it: In further escalation of the family feud, Sanders not-so-subtly endorsed the primary opponent of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, reports CNN , saying that, "clearly, I favor her opponent. His views are much closer... More »

The DNC Has a Deal for Bernie Sanders

Seats on critical committee in exchange for no drama at convention: sources

(Newser) - In choosing stick or carrot to get Bernie Sanders and his supporters to play ball at this summer's Democratic National Convention, the Democratic National Committee has decided to go with the carrot—at least for now. Two sources familiar with the situation say the DNC plans to offer Sanders... More »

Clinton Stops Sanders From Unusual Sweep

She finally wins a namesake Clinton County

(Newser) - A strange political footnote to the election year: Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders Tuesday night in Clinton County, Kentucky. This tidbit is making headlines because prior to Tuesday, Sanders had been eight for eight in previous Clinton County races in other states. For the record, per CNN , they were in... More »

Hillary Holds Slim Kentucky Lead, Loses in Oregon

Kentucky primary too close to call with 99% reporting

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is clinging to a razor-thin lead over Bernie Sanders in Kentucky's Democratic primary and lost to him by a solid 6 points in the Oregon primary on Tuesday, CNN reports. In Kentucky, where Clinton is considered the favorite, she has 212,549 votes (46.8%) to Sanders'... More »

Sanders Hopes for Another Upset Tuesday

Both Kentucky, Oregon up for grabs, though some still say wins against Clinton wouldn't matter

(Newser) - Oregon and Kentucky are both holding Democratic primaries Tuesday, and even though USA Today notes it "won't really matter" whether Hillary Clinton loses to Bernie Sanders there—per the AP , she's got 2,240 pledged and superdelegates to Sanders' 1,473, not far from the required 2,... More »

Bernie Could Nab 'Yuge' Win in W. Virginia

Polls point to 'yes'—but FiveThirtyEight says it still won't significantly help his delegate count

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders has doggedly remained in the race for the Democratic nomination, and Tuesday's primary in West Virginia seems likely to offer him some validation. Writing at FiveThirtyEight, Harry Enten argues that the Vermont senator is "likely to win" against Hillary Clinton in the Mountain State, citing two... More »

Tow Truck Driver Ditches Woman Over Bernie Sticker

Ken Shupe says the Lord told him to get in his truck and leave her on NC interstate

(Newser) - Divine intervention—and the Bernie Sanders paraphernalia decorating her car—made a South Carolina tow truck driver decide to leave a woman stranded on the side of the road in Asheville, NC, WLOS reports. Cassy McWade says her regular mechanic couldn't come tow her after a car accident Monday,... More »

Sanders Takes Indiana

But Clinton was looking ahead

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders has notched another victory against Hillary Clinton. CNN and other networks called Indiana for him about two hours after all the polls closed at 7 Eastern. He was leading by about 6 points with most of the returns in. "The political revolution wins in Indiana!" tweeted... More »

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