Boyan Slat

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Pacific Garbage Patch a 'Ticking Time Bomb'

Floating mass of trash even bigger than once thought

(Newser) - The Great Pacific Garbage Patch that floats between California and Hawaii is even bigger than scientists believed—about twice the size of Texas, specifically. "We were surrounded by an endless layer of garbage," a marine biologist who works for the Ocean Cleanup, which ran a survey expedition that... More »

20-Year-Old Thinks He Can Clean Gobs of Ocean Plastic

Boyan Slat has simple, hugely ambitious plan in 'the Ocean Cleanup'

(Newser) - It started with a question: "I wondered, 'Why can’t we clean this up?'" Only rather than the dinner dishes or scattered toys, "this" was referring to the world's oceans and the vast quantities of plastic with which humanity has filled them . As al-Jazeera reports,... More »

2 Stories