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Kasich Stays Alive in Ohio; Trump Wins 3

Marco Rubio drops out after Florida loss

(Newser) - It's a campaign-saving win for John Kasich and a campaign-ending loss for Marco Rubio. In the latter race, Donald Trump easily defeated the Florida senator in Rubio's home state. The contest had been seen as do-or-die for Rubio, and it turned out to be die: He suspended his... More »

Vanquished at Home, Marco Rubio Drops Out

Humiliating defeat seals the deal for Florida senator

(Newser) - Reeling from a decisive loss to Donald Trump in his home state of Florida , Marco Rubio suspended his campaign for the presidency Tuesday evening—sounding an upbeat note, while firmly poking Trump and negative tactics in the eye, reports the AP . Rubio told a crowd in Miami that he knows... More »

In Home States, Kasich on Rise as Rubio Sinks

Florida senator trails Trump by 21% on his home turf as Ohio governor surges

(Newser) - The four men left duking it out for the Republican nomination look likely to soon be three after Tuesday's primaries: The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist poll shows that in their home states, "the fortunes of Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Marco Rubio appear to be heading in... More »

Rubio Wins DC Caucuses

With Kasich in second place

(Newser) - Marco Rubio has won Saturday's Republican presidential caucuses in Washington, DC, the AP reports. Per the Guardian , Rubio got 37% of the vote and John Kasich came in second with 35%. (Earlier, DC was described as the " race no one wants to win .") Elsewhere, Ted Cruz... More »

Marco Rubio Wins Primary in Puerto Rico

GOP candidate is apparently aiming for Florida victory

(Newser) - Marco Rubio is dominating the Republican primary in Puerto Rico on Sunday and will likely grab all of the island territory's 23 delegates, Politico reports. With nearly half of precincts reporting, Rubio had 71% and second-place Donald Trump only 12%. Rubio just needs 50% to take all of Puerto... More »

Who Won, Lost the GOP Debate

Cruz getting mostly good marks, Trump not so much

(Newser) - The newly narrowed GOP field of Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich went at it again Thursday night. Here's a sampling of some of the post-debate analysis:
  • Cruz had "his best debate of the primary season," writes Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post , showing
... More »

Fox News 'Finished With Rubio'

'New York' says Roger Ailes and network have lost faith

(Newser) - "We can't do the Rubio thing anymore." That's what Fox CEO Roger Ailes recently told a host at the network he leads, or so reports Gabriel Sherman for New York . Until now, according to Sherman, Marco Rubio has enjoyed support from Fox, including softball interviews, "... More »

Trump Takes 7 States; Cruz Wins 3

Rubio notched a single Super Tuesday win

(Newser) - Donald Trump had his expected strong night on Super Tuesday, but he didn't post a clean sweep. He won seven states—Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas, and Vermont—but Ted Cruz defeated him in the senator's own home state of Texas, in neighboring Oklahoma and in Alaska,... More »

Rubio, Trump's New Fight: the Size of Trump's Hands

'I don’t understand why his hands are the size of someone who is 5-foot-2'

(Newser) - The size of Donald Trump's hands has been a thing for decades, stretching back to the days when Graydon Carter dubbed him a "short-fingered vulgarian" in Spy magazine. In his November editor's letter for Vanity Fair , Carter wrote that over the years, and as recently as last... More »

With Super Tuesday Nigh, a Wave of Endorsements

Rubio, Sanders, Trump pick up new supporters

(Newser) - The Sunday before Super Tuesday saw a wave of headline-grabbing endorsements for both Republican and Democratic presidential candidates. Here's the latest on who's supporting whom:
  • Marco Rubio No. 1: Hobby Lobby CEO David Green said in a statement that he's impressed with the way Rubio "carries
... More »

The Craziest Personal Slams in Trump-Rubio Fight

Pants-wetting, sweating are fair game

(Newser) - Thing are getting downright personal in the GOP race. A sampling of some of Friday's remarkable back and forth and between Marco Rubio and the new team of Trump-Christie, via the New York Times , the Hill , the Los Angeles Times and Mother Jones :
  • Trump: "It's Rubio!"
... More »

If Rubio Fails to Win a Single State Tuesday, He's Still Alive

He can still pile up delegates, Upshot blog explains

(Newser) - Whether Marco Rubio's aggressive performance in Thursday's debate translates into success on Super Tuesday remains an open question, but the Upshot blog has some hopeful news for his campaign: Even if Donald Trump sweeps all the states in play—and polls suggest he has a decent chance of... More »

Winners, Losers From GOP Debate

Will Rubio's attacks on Trump matter?

(Newser) - The debate post-mortems have a clear theme Friday morning: Marco Rubio is the consensus winner after his relentless attacks on Donald Trump, with the big question being whether it's too late to stop the frontrunner's momentum. Some highlights:
  • "This was not only Rubio's best debate performance.
... More »

Cruz Fires National Spokesperson After Rubio Brouhaha

Rick Tyler re-posted blog that turned out to be misleading

(Newser) - Ted Cruz fired his national spokesperson, Rick Tyler, Monday, after Tyler posted a story about Marco Rubio that turned out to be false, Politico reports. Tyler, communications director for Cruz's presidential campaign, posted a story from the Daily Pennsylvanian blog on his Facebook page; the blog post claimed that... More »

Trump Wins South Carolina

Rubio edges out Cruz in tight race for No. 2; Bush finished disappointing 4th

(Newser) - Donald Trump has officially won the South Carolina primary, report the AP , CBS News , NBC News , and Fox News, with 32.25% of the vote. It's the second victory in a row for the billionaire, and a key one in the South, where Ted Cruz invested heavily. This in... More »

Rubio Gets Big Endorsement Ahead of SC Primary

Gov. Nikki Haley is endorsing him

(Newser) - South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is endorsing Marco Rubio ahead of Saturday's first-in-the-South Republican presidential primary, the AP reports. A person close to the Republican governor with direct knowledge of her decision says she will endorse Rubio at his event Wednesday night in Lexington County. Haley's endorsement was... More »

Rubio's Patriotic Ad Actually Shows Canada

'It's morning again in America,' or maybe not

(Newser) - Marco Rubio can't seem to catch a break . Over the weekend, the Republican contender shared a new ad, "Morning Again," which appears to be a bleaker play on Ronald Reagan's 1984 "Morning in America" ad. It opens with a boat passing through a harbor as... More »

Rubio: I've Done Badly in Only .05 of the Debates

He's promised never to repeat Saturday's disaster

(Newser) - Marco Rubio is finally explaining his rough performance in the last Republican debate that earned him the nickname "Robot Rubio." "I just pivoted to my message because I didn't want to be involved in a scrum," he said Wednesday, per Politico . Though his plan to... More »

Rubio Repeats Speech Line, Draws More Robot Jokes

Mistake comes in New Hampshire speech

(Newser) - It's the kind of low-grade gaffe any politician might make on the campaign trail, but the timing could not have been worse for Marco Rubio. The candidate who's been ridiculed for robotically repeating talking points offered up Exhibit A during a speech in New Hampshire on Monday. The... More »

Who Won, Lost the GOP Debate

Common theme: Good night for governors, bad for frontrunners

(Newser) - The Republicans wrapped up their last debate before New Hampshire votes on Tuesday, a particularly feisty affair in which Marco Rubio took the biggest hits . One theme emerging is that it was a good night for governors but not for frontrunners:
  • Dan Balz of the Washington Post : "Marco Rubio
... More »

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