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Controversial NAACP Leader Invited to Speak at MLK Fest

Cary, NC, has asked Rachel Dolezal to participate

(Newser) - Cary, North Carolina, is courting controversy with its speaker choice for the annual MLK Dreamfest Celebration in January, reports the New Observer . The city has invited former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal, who triggered a national conversation about race and identity last year when it was revealed that she had presented... More »

Caitlyn Jenner Inspires 'Word of the Year'

Dictionary.com chooses 'Identity'

(Newser) - Unlike Oxford Dictionaries , Dictionary.com is sticking with an actual word for its 2015 word of the year: "identity." The site unveiled its choice as "the clear front-runner" Tuesday, noting "many of the year's biggest stories focused on the way in which individuals or members... More »

Rachel Dolezal: My Identity Isn't a 'Costume'

Ex-NAACP head tells 'Vanity Fair' world may be confused about her, but she's not

(Newser) - It's been more than a month since Rachel Dolezal caused a media circus when her parents revealed she was a white woman passing as black. Now the ex-NAACP head is speaking out, telling Vanity Fair that she still identifies and connects with the "black experience," and that... More »

Diddy Takes a Tumble at BET Awards

Sam Smith also made an appearance—sort of

(Newser) - Watch where you're walking, Diddy. While rocking out on stage at the BET awards last night, the hip-hop star fell into a hole that had opened in the stage to introduce Lil' Kim during a performance in celebration of Bad Boy Records' 20th anniversary. He managed to pull himself... More »

Dolezal Booted From Police Oversight Panel

Report identifies workplace harassment, conflict of interest

(Newser) - If Rachel Dolezal gets a reality show, it won't be able to focus on her volunteer position on Spokane’s police oversight commission. Spokane City Council voted 6 to 0 yesterday to remove Dolezal from the Police Ombudsman Commission after a report found evidence of wrongdoing by Dolezal and... More »

Dolezal's Next Move: Reality TV?

There's also a $50K porn offer on the table

(Newser) - Days after stepping down from her post at the NAACP, Rachel Dolezal may already be in talks for a new gig: her own reality show. Dolezal has reportedly been "offered two reality shows from different production companies," a source tells Radar Online . "The offers were made last... More »

Why Dolezal 'Undermines' African-Americans

Columnist: Her lie was made possible by our nation's racist past

(Newser) - As a white woman, Rachel Dolezal could have turned into an especially strong advocate for African-Americans as leader of her local NAACP, writes Tamara Winfrey Harris in the New York Times . Too bad that her "empathy evolved into impersonation," a dishonesty that "undermines the very people she... More »

Dolezal: 'No Biological Proof' White Parents Birthed Me

'Yeah, I am black,' she tells NBC

(Newser) - The Rachel Dolezal story got even stranger during an NBC interview last night in which, as Raw Story puts it, she went "full-scale birther" on herself. Asked by Savannah Guthrie whether she thought it was misleading to identify as black, Dolezal responded, "I haven't had a DNA... More »

Are You a Black Woman? Rachel Dolezal Finally Answers

Former NAACP leader gives her first major interview

(Newser) - Rachel Dolezal opened up to Matt Lauer this morning, who put it to her plainly: "Let me just ask you the question in simple terms: 'Are you an African-American woman?'" Dolezal didn't hesitate: "I identify as black," she replied. Lauer challenged that answer, displaying... More »

Rachel Dolezal Steps Down as NAACP President

'This is not about me. It's about justice,' she writes in Facebook post

(Newser) - This morning it seemed up in the air whether there'd be an NAACP meeting today to address the Rachel Dolezal controversy . Now, however, it appears that the NAACP part of the story is over, as Dolezal is apparently stepping down from her post as president of the Spokane chapter,... More »

Rachel Dolezal's Parents: We Didn't Plan to Expose Her

Couple says they were approached by reporters: 'We weren't going to lie'

(Newser) - Rachel Dolezal's biological parents say they didn't set out to expose their daughter as a white woman . That was merely the consequence of "some investigative reporting," according to her father. Lawrence and Ruthanne Dolezal, the white couple listed on Dolezal's Montana birth certificate, say they... More »

NAACP Board: Dolezal Can't Just Postpone Meeting

She doesn't have authority—and group still has other work to do, members say

(Newser) - A post yesterday on the Spokane NAACP's Facebook page indicated that the meeting between beleaguered president Rachel Dolezal and NAACP board members had been postponed . But some of those members are now saying Dolezal doesn't have the authority to put off said meeting. The Spokesman-Review reports that in... More »

Rachel Dolezal Didn't Try to Pass as Black at Black College

But NAACP official looks much different now, says former student

(Newser) - Rachel Dolezal may be a white woman passing herself off as a black woman , but Jezebel reports that she made no such effort while attending a predominately black college. “She had straight, blonde hair,” a former student at Howard University tells the website. “She didn’t look... More »

What the NAACP Thinks About Rachel Dolezal

Group issues statement in response to the chapter president being outed as white

(Newser) - A white Montana couple say their daughter, the head of the Spokane NAACP in Washington, has been disguising herself as a black woman for years, but it appears the NAACP is still standing by Rachel Dolezal, at least for now. A statement released today by the group notes that "... More »

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