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Family Celebrates Baby's Recovery After Pope's Kiss

Gianna's tumor appears to be shrinking

(Newser) - Baby Gianna Masciantonio developed a rare brain tumor just weeks after her birth last year when her red blood cells attacked her brain stem. After multiple chemotherapy treatments, an August brain scan revealed that the tumor was still there, and parents Joey and Kristen Masciantonio decided to do one more... More »

'Shady' Group 'Played' Pope During His US Visit

Meet the anti-LGBT group called Liberty Counsel

(Newser) - Pope Francis' encounter with Kim Davis generated much media buzz and some clarification from the Vatican . Now the Daily Beast looks at an anti-LGBT legal group called Liberty Counsel that supported Davis and spun the story in her favor—but the profile is none too flattering. "At the end... More »

Pope Met With Gay Couple Day Before He Met Kim Davis

Yayo Grassi, old Argentine pal of the pope's, brought his partner of 19 years

(Newser) - Kim Davis supporters who were whooping it up that the Kentucky clerk met up with Pope Francis last week may be dialing down their excitement a bit. First the Vatican announced Friday that their brief visit wasn't an endorsement of Davis' decision to not issue marriage licenses to gay... More »

Kim Davis Secretly Met Pope Francis

'I had tears coming out of my eyes'

(Newser) - The leader of the world's Catholics found time during his US visit to meet a Protestant county clerk from Kentucky. “I was crying. I had tears coming out of my eyes,” Kim Davis tells ABC News of her meeting with Pope Francis on Thursday in Washington. “... More »

Francis Meets Sex Abuse Survivors: 'God Weeps'

Pontiff vows oversight, says guilty will be punished

(Newser) - Wrapping up his American tour, Pope Francis says he has met with victims of clergy sexual abuse, saying succinctly in what the Washington Post characterizes as off-the-cuff remarks that "God weeps." Speaking today before seminarians and bishops in Philadelphia, Francis vowed "careful oversight" to prevent future abuse... More »

Pope Francis Prays at Ground Zero

Leads multi-faith service at 9/11 Memorial

(Newser) - At a reflecting pool at the 9/11 Memorial, Pope Francis prayed and laid a white rose before leading a multi-faith service for peace today. "Francisco, Francisco," the crowd chanted after he placed the rose on the pool's edge, according to AFP . The pontiff met with 9/11 families... More »

The 4 Big Things the Pope Will Do in NYC Today

It's quite the list: Central Park, the UN, ground zero, Madison Square Garden

(Newser) - Pope Francis gets little rest today as he continues his US visit with high-profile events in New York City, including a stop at Ground Zero and a speech at the UN. The four big highlights:
  • Ground Zero: Francis will lead a prayer service at the site with leaders from the
... More »

NYC Crowd Waiting for Pope Jeers Trump

They chanted Spanish insult

(Newser) - A crowd gathered along Fifth Avenue ahead of Pope Francis' arrival in New York City last night wasn't exactly thrilled to spot another celebrity: Donald Trump. The Republican candidate was booed and jeered by the crowd when he stepped out of Trump Tower and again when he appeared on... More »

Sanders Loves Pope's Mention of 'Radical' Activist

He like pontiff's praise of Dorothy Day

(Newser) - Pope Francis made a historic appearance before Congress today, and one person especially pleased with his speech was Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator tells CNN he loved the reference to Dorothy Day, a "radical Catholic activist," per the Washington Post , who founded the Catholic Worker Movement and fought... More »

5 Takeaways From the Pope's Speech

He hits everything from the death penalty to the state of the family

(Newser) - Pope Francis hit a wide-ranging number of topics in his address to Congress today. Here are five getting attention:
  • Death penalty: He implored Congress to abolish it, reports ThinkProgress . “Every life is sacred, every human person is endowed with an inalienable dignity, and society can only benefit from the
... More »

What to Expect in Pope's Historic Address to Congress

How far will he go on hot-button issues such as abortion and climate change?

(Newser) - Pope Francis offered up something for both the left ( climate change ) and the right (a call to protect the institution of marriage) in his White House remarks yesterday, reports CNN , so what's in store for his historic address to Congress today? Probably a little more of the... More »

Girl, 5, Slips Past Security With Message for Pope

She wants him to help keep her family together

(Newser) - A determined 5-year-old girl managed to hand-deliver a plea for help to Pope Francis as his procession passed through Washington. After Sophie Cruz slipped past a barricade, Francis waved away security and had her brought to him, the New York Times reports. They embraced and she handed him a letter... More »

Pope Francis Giving Pricey Bible to Library of Congress

He's expected to present the gift to John Boehner tomorrow

(Newser) - Pope Francis is addressing Congress tomorrow, and he plans to bring a pretty nice gift along with him. The pontiff will reportedly present lawmakers and the Library of Congress with a Bible believed to have cost $8 million to make, MSN reports. As the Hill reported last month, the Apostles... More »

Pope Francis Arrives: 5 Unusual Details of His Visit

It's a big deal

(Newser) - Pope Francis sets foot on US soil at 4pm today (full schedule here ), and officials in DC, New York, and Philly are scrambling to ensure a smooth, safe stay. Here are five of the more unusual details of his visit:
  1. The visit has spurred one of the largest security
... More »

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