The Force Awakens

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The Last Jedi Has Second-Best Weekend Ever

The latest Star Wars movie made $220M in its opening weekend

(Newser) - Star Wars: The Last Jedi rocketed to a debut of $220 million at the box office, landing the second-best opening weekend ever in North America and slotting in behind only its predecessor, The Force Awakens. The Disney blockbuster is only the fourth film to open above $200 million in North... More »

Force Awakens Opens in World's 2nd-Biggest Movie Market

But Star Wars may struggle to overtake Avatar in China

(Newser) - Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened Saturday in China, where it is far from certain to draw in enough movie-goers to knock off Avatar as the world's all-time biggest grossing movie. The seventh Star Wars movie is the highest ever grossing film in the North American market, where it... More »

Force Awakens Smashes Domestic Box-Office Record

But after adjusting for inflation, a '30s movie is still king

(Newser) - Star Wars: The Force Awakens is continuing to cut through box-office records like a light saber through butter and is now North America's highest-grossing movie ever. Disney says that on Wednesday afternoon, just 20 days after its release, the movie passed the $760.5 million record set by Avatar,... More »

Carrie Fisher Has a Message for Ageist Haters

'Youth and beauty are not accomplishments,' she writes

(Newser) - Some moviegoers have been quick to point out that Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia in The Force Awakens isn't quite as dashing as she once was. "Carrie Fisher is this angry, loud mouth, fat woman now," one viewer wrote on Twitter . "Princess Leia got fat,"... More »

Force Awakens Just Smashed Another Record

JJ Abrams' latest becomes fastest to cross the $1B mark

(Newser) - Star Wars: The Force Awakens has reached $1 billion at the box office, reaching the milestone with record-setting hyper speed. The Walt Disney Co. said Sunday that The Force Awakens crossed the mark over the holiday weekend. The film accomplished the feat in just 12 days. The previous movie to... More »

Here's How Much Money It Took to Bring Han Solo Out of Retirement

He should finally be able to replace that testy hyperdrive now

(Newser) - Well, it looks like the Force was definitely with Harrison Ford's agent. Esquire reports the erstwhile Han Solo made many times what some of his Star Wars: The Force Awakens costars did. Ford's paycheck for the film is believed to be somewhere between $10 million and $20 million,... More »

Man Arrested, School Locked Down Over Star Wars Spoilers

This whole Stars Wars thing may finally be getting out of hand

(Newser) - An 18-year-old Montana man turned to the Dark Side last week, allegedly threatening to shoot a friend for spoiling Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the AP reports. Police say Arthur Roy sent his friend a picture of himself with a gun—which he implied had a "hair trigger"—... More »

The Force Awakens Is Even Playing in Space

There's just no escaping Star Wars

(Newser) - For anyone wondering if there's anywhere they can go to escape Star Wars-mania, the answer appears to be a resounding no. reports even astronauts orbiting 250 miles above the Earth will be watching the much-hyped The Force Awakens. "I am told that Star Wars will be... More »

Obama Ducks Out of Press Conference to See Star Wars

And an entire nation was jealous

(Newser) - The White House has caught Star Wars mania. President Barack Obama began his year-end press conference Friday by letting reporters know their meeting wouldn't be the most important event taking place that day. That honor went to a special screening of The Force Awakens for Gold Star families who... More »

Star Wars Opening Night Sets a Record

And it looks ready to break more records

(Newser) - Star Wars: The Force Awakens has sent a box office record with an estimated $57 million from Thursday night shows. The Walt Disney Co.'s estimate on Friday easily surpassed the previous Thursday night record of $43.5 million by 2011's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part ... More »

Force Awakens Has Already Broken Box-Office Records

Opening night was a global event

(Newser) - After months of secrecy and anticipation, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is thrilling fans and theater owners alike. The most anticipated film in the galaxy opened globally Thursday, setting international and presale box-office records and delighting moviegoers who've had opening-night tickets in hand for months. All over the world,... More »

Rebel Weather Reporter Sneaks in 12 Star Wars Puns

It's not a trap—she really does it, all in under 40 seconds

(Newser) - She didn't detail the climate patterns on Tatooine, but Sian Welby did the next best thing. The UK Channel 5 forecaster (or, for the purposes of this story, Channel 5 "Stormscooper") gave a quick weather update this week, and the Force was strong with this one, per... More »

Force Awakens Blows Critics Away

JJ Abrams got it just right, reviewers say

(Newser) - The review embargo on Star Wars: The Force Awakens ended early Wednesday, leaving critics free to tell the world just how much they loved it. The majority had nothing but praise for director JJ Abrams' reboot of the beloved franchise, and even those who thought it was hit-and-miss say it'... More »

Fans Wowed by Force Awakens

'It was epic, awesome & perfect'

(Newser) - There's a review embargo in place for Star Wars: The Force Awakens until 12am PST Wednesday, but fans worried about a galactic flop can probably rest easy, judging by spoiler-free tweets from people who were at Monday night's Hollywood premiere . A selection, per the BBC and the Telegraph... More »

Force Awakens Has Gigantic Premiere

Droids, stormtroopers joined 5K guests

(Newser) - The next generation of Star Wars films kicked off with an elaborate debut for The Force Awakens in Los Angeles Monday that served as a proverbial passing of the lightsaber to new groups of fighters dueling in a cinematic galaxy far, far away. The premiere had familiar elements for a... More »

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