Space Shuttle Challenger

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Challenger Engineer Dies, Free of Guilt

'You helped bring my worrisome mind to ease'

(Newser) - "Next time I talk to [God], I'm gonna ask him, 'Why me,'" Bob Ebeling said in January of his nagging guilt over the Challenger disaster, which he tried to prevent as an engineer with NASA contractor Morton Thiokol. He may now get his chance. The... More »

Why a NASA Engineer Has Lived With 'Nagging Guilt'

Bob Ebeling tried to prevent the Challenger disaster

(Newser) - Bob Ebeling, 89, has carried a terrible burden for 30 years. He was among several engineers who tried to stop the launch of the space shuttle Challenger, saying the booster rockets' rubber seals wouldn't seal correctly in cold weather. They were unsuccessful in their challenge to contractor Morton Thiokol,... More »

2 Stories