Mohamed Abrini

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Brussels Cell Plotted to Hit Paris Again

But attackers were rushed into hit on Belgium by series of police raids

(Newser) - The Brussels attackers initially planned a second assault on France, but were "surprised by the speed of the progress in the ongoing investigation" and "urgently took the decision to strike in Brussels," the Federal Prosecution Office said Sunday, per CNN . Investigators found intimate links between the cell... More »

Prosecutor: Man Admits to Being 'Man in Hat' at Airport Bombing

Mohamed Abrini was charged Saturday

(Newser) - Mohamed Abrini, who was arrested Friday in Brussels , reportedly confessed Saturday to being the "man in the hat" long sought by authorities in connection with the attacks that killed 32 people in March, ABC News reports. According to the BBC , a federal prosecutor says the 31-year-old Belgian admitted to... More »

Belgium Authorities Think They've Got 'Man in the Hat'

'Several arrests' made in Belgium linked to Paris, Brussels terror attacks

(Newser) - Mohamed Abrini, one of the suspects in the November Paris attacks (and said to be likely involved in last month's Brussels attacks ) was arrested Friday in Brussels, unnamed sources tell Belgian broadcaster VRT, via Reuters —and he's likely the mysterious "man in the hat" seen... More »

3 Stories