Heidi Cruz

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Angry RNC Crowd Turns on Heidi Cruz

She had to be escorted past people yelling 'Goldman Sachs'

(Newser) - Things got ugly quickly at the Quicken Loans Arena after Ted Cruz stunned the crowd by refusing to endorse Donald Trump . Heidi Cruz "was escorted out by security as crowd gets angry," tweeted CNN's Manu Raju. Former Cruz aide Ken Cuccinelli says he helped get Heidi out... More »

Cruz Elbows Wife in Head During Hug Gone Wrong


(Newser) - Ted Cruz's botched hug might be getting more attention than his concession speech on Tuesday night. Cruz managed to elbow his wife, Heidi, in the head while moving in to hug his father, Rafael. This has not gone unnoticed:
  • Christina Cauterucci, Slate : "Cruz's awkward physicality ... was a
... More »

Cruz's Post-Honeymoon Splurge: 100 Cans of Soup

It was Campbell's Chunky, Heidi Cruz revealed at CNN town hall

(Newser) - Ted Cruz showed up Wednesday for a CNN town hall—or what Gawker frames as "another glimpse into the waking hell that is Heidi Cruz’s daily life"—with his wife and two young daughters in tow, and Heidi offered up a personal, if bizarre, nugget of life... More »

3 Stories