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Family Electricity Bill: $284,460,000,000

Fortunately, it was a just decimal error for Pennsylvania's Mary Horomanski

(Newser) - Imagine opening your electric bill and seeing a figure of $284,460,000,000 under the amount owed. Pennsylvania's Mary Horomanski had exactly that experience, which she recollects to GoErie.com with a priceless quote: “My eyes just about popped out of my head,” says the 58-year-old... More »

More Than 1M Still Without Power

And temperatures are still sweltering

(Newser) - At least 1.4 million people from the Midwest to the mid-Atlantic are not having a very happy Fourth of July … because, four days after violent storms, that's how many homes and businesses are still without power today. And they're starting to get angry, CBS News and... More »

1.8M Still Without Power

And it could still be days away for some, utility companies warn

(Newser) - Three-and-a-half days after devastating thunderstorms tossed trees like twigs across a swath of the Mid-Atlantic, utility crews are still scrambling to restore power to some 1.8 million customers, reports the AP . Says a utility crewmember pulling 16-hour days in Washington, DC, "From here we've got another complaint.... More »

East Coast Outages Could Last Days

And the mercury is soaring

(Newser) - As the Mid-Atlantic states roast in sweltering temperatures, up to 3 million people remain without power after violent storms that killed 13—and it could be several more days to a week before electricity is restored, reports the AP . A glance around at the fallout from Friday's storms:
  • Emergencies
... More »

Energy Giant Guilty of Spying on Greenpeace

Hacking case also snared Floyd Landis

(Newser) - French electricity giant EDF, the world's biggest operator of nuclear power plants, has been found guilty of spying on Greenpeace and fined $2 million. EDF, a frequent target of Greenpeace campaigns, hired a security agency to hack into the group's computers to gain information about its anti-nuclear activities,... More »

9 Days After Storm, 88K in Connecticut Still Lack Power

Connecticut utility boss apologizes, but many are still angry

(Newser) - Nine days after an early snowstorm knocked out power to millions around the northeast , tens of thousands of homes remain in the dark, reports the AP . In Connecticut alone, 88,000 people are still without electricity, and likely will not have power restored until Wednesday, said a senior executive at... More »

Power Grid Experiment May Confuse Electric Clocks

Or not ... obscure test will soon find out

(Newser) - If electric clocks seem a little off later this year, there's good reason: A yearlong experiment conducted by the group that manages the nation's power grid is expected to begin, and it could theoretically make electric clocks run up to 20 minutes fast. It's also possible that... More »

Google Applies to Buy, Sell Electricity

Search giant wants to tap the grid like a utility

(Newser) - Google has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for permission to become an “electricity marketer,” a designation that would allow it to buy and sell energy in bulk like a utility company. It’s an unorthodox move, but one Google says will help it power its sprawling operations... More »

Utilities' Green Plea: Best Your Neighbor

Rating households by energy savings jolts consumers into curbing power use

(Newser) - Utilities have discovered that tapping into consumers' competitive urges is the most effective way to jolt them into using less energy, the New York Times reports. Sacramento—in a program now copied in at least 10 other major cities—began awarding smiley faces to customers who did well compared to... More »

As Deadbeats Soar, Utilities Quick to Pull Plug

As the economy worsens, electric companies get tough on delinquent bills

(Newser) - Utilities are growing increasingly aggressive about shutting off the juice even as more customers struggle to pay their bills in a sinking economy, reports the Wall Street Journal. The trend has regulators and consumer advocates worried companies have become too focused on their bottom lines, but utilities say they’re... More »

GM, Utilities Join to Speed Plug-Ins

Three-dozen utilities agree to help integrate electric cars with their grids

(Newser) - General Motors and three dozen electric utilities in nearly 40 states have agreed to work together on the transition to plug-in electric vehicles that are expected to begin rolling out within 2 years, the Wall Street Journal reports. With GM’s Chevy Volt and Saturn Vue  expected to hit the... More »

Engineer's Goof Turned Out Florida Lights

Worker disabled two levels of protective backup systems

(Newser) - One engineer's blunder shut off the power in Florida Tuesday, the Miami Herald reports. Florida Light & Power says a field engineer diagnosing a faulty switch disabled two levels of safety backups—against company policy—as he worked. In a bit of extremely unfortunate timing, a fault then occurred that... More »

US Multinational Faces Human Rights Trial

Mining company accused of playing role in Colombian murders

(Newser) - A landmark trial addressing corporate culpability for human-rights violations committed on foreign soil gets under way this week, testing whether an 18th-century antipiracy law applies to modern business practices. At issue is the 2001 murder of three Colombian mining-union leaders, the Wall Street Journal reports, and under scrutiny is the... More »

Utilities May Profit From Ruling

Some corporations may profit off tighter greenhouse gas regulations

(Newser) - Some utility  companies may actually benefit financially from the Supreme Court ruling forcing the EPA to crack down on greenhouse gas emissions, the Wall Street Journal reports.  While it will cost them millions in the short-term to meet new requirements, utilities in government-regulated markets—mostly in the Southeast, Great... More »

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