Hampton Creek

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Bluster or Grand Vision? 'Just Mayo' CEO Has Big Plans

Critics think Josh Tetrick's Hampton Creek has too much talk, not enough results

(Newser) - If you're familiar with a company called Hampton Creek, it's likely because of its "Just Mayo" product. It's essentially vegan mayonnaise, with pea protein in place of eggs, though 37-year-old CEO Josh Tetrick hates the connotations of the word "vegan," and industry rivals don'... More »

Hungry WWII POW Had Ideas Silicon Valley Now Wants

Inside the story of Willem van Eelen

(Newser) - We've come a long way since a 5-ounce hamburger patty was grown in a lab in 2013 at upwards of $325,000. As Quartz reports, advancements in technology have dropped that cost tremendously, to about $6,000 a pound. And Hampton Creek—a darling of Silicon Valley, a food... More »

Hot Vegan Company Sold a Lot of Mayo—to Itself

Bloomberg uncovers Hampton Creek program after review of emails, receipts

(Newser) - Well, it’s one way to boost sales. Innovative vegan mayo producer Hampton Creek is being accused of dispatching agents to buy back hundreds of jars of its own product. The reason? To make Just Mayo more popular than it really was and impress investors, suggests Bloomberg following interviews and... More »

3 Stories