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Humans Have Made 30 Trillion Tons of Stuff

That's 110 pounds per square meter of the Earth's surface

(Newser) - Humans have built a ton of things to keep us alive on this twirling little rock: farms, airports, roads, CDs, houses, computers, landfills, and so forth. All these things are known as the technosphere, and for the first time ever—in a study published last month in the Anthropocene Review... More »

Scientists: Earth Entered a New Age Around 1950

They cast vote in favor of the Anthropocene

(Newser) - If you're under the age of about 66, then big news: You've lived your entire life in the Anthropocene epoch, or the age of man. At least, that what scientists who voted Monday in Cape Town, South Africa, would like to see after seven years spent considering the... More »

2 Stories