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Here's What's Wrong With Your Resume

Don't be exhaustive—but it's okay to write more than a page

(Newser) - Before you print 50 copies of your resume, check out this list of common mistakes—you’re probably making at least one, notes Alison Green in US News & World Report .
  • Using an outdated guide. The one-page rule, for example, doesn’t fly anymore.
  • Listing only job duties. Make sure
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Aussies Are World's Rudest Employees

Americans, Britons most easily offended

(Newser) - Australian businesspeople are the rudest in the world—or so says a new study, Reuters reports. Aussies are more likely than their peers in other countries to curse, talk loudly, and take personal calls on the job—actions considered grave violations of workplace etiquette in nations like the US and... More »

Stock Tips for Bargain Hunters

Look for minimal fees and free trades to help you save money

(Newser) - While stocks have sunk to their lowest in years, there's a silver-lining for penny-pinchers. “Buying into the slumping market today should pay off big time when it finally bounces back,” reports US News and World Report, which offers 5 easy tips to get you started.
  • Index funds: Minimal
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Lies We Tell at Work ... But Shouldn't

Even polite fibbing can hurt you in the daily grind

(Newser) - Lying at work, even to be polite, can hurt you in the long run. CNN suggests we all try cutting out these too-tempting lies:
  1. I'd be happy to. If you've got too much on your plate, speak up before you drown yourself.
  2. No questions. Preface your questions as clarification, but
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20 Tips from America's Best Investors

Experts offer advice that you can really take to the bank

(Newser) - Get where you want to be with these sound tips from the top, courtesy of Money Magazine:
  1. Be humble in the face of uncertainty.
  2. Take calculated risks.
  3. Have an emergency fund.
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Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

How to tell it's time to move on with your employment search

(Newser) - BusinessWeek gives job-seekers seven signs that you're getting the brush-off:
  1. Your calls to the recruiter generate nothing but silence.
  2. You miss the first phone screen; that ship has sailed.
  3. Musical interviewers; someone else has landed the job.
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Sell Yourself: 5 DIY PR Tips

Raise your business' profile on the cheap

(Newser) - Most of us can't afford to hire a PR firm. Forbes offers tips for self-promoting with the best of them.
  1. Know your audience. Spend some time researching the best way to put yourself out there.
  2. Make a (useful) press kit. Not just more fodder for the recycling bin.
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