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Young Dads More Likely to Die Younger

A large study in Finland finds it's riskiest for men to have kids by age 22

(Newser) - The younger men are when they become fathers, the more likely they are to die by their 40s or 50s, according to a large new study out of Finland. Researchers say they've seen this link before, but wanted to test it using brothers who share similar DNA to better... More »

Kids are Kids Til They're 25: Psychologists

But is adolescence lasting longer, or are we just indulging our children?

(Newser) - If your 24-year-old is acting like a kid, don't worry—he or she actually is one, at least according to psychologists, who now say adolescence continues until we're 25. "Neuroscience has made these massive advances where we now don't think that things just stop at a... More »

Skin Cancer Soars Among Young Adults

Researchers blame tanning beds

(Newser) - Researchers expected a rise in skin cancer among young women—but they didn't expect this: Between 1970 and 2009, melanoma became eight times more common among women 18 to 39 and four times higher among men in that age group, Time reports. "There is currently a melanoma epidemic... More »

10% of Adults Get Allowances

Including more than a third of Americans between 18 and 24

(Newser) - Around one in 10 American adults are on the dole—they regularly collect money or other financial assistance from their parents or relatives, reveals a poll from the Pew Research Center. The results showed no difference between gender or race, reports the New York Times , but the youngest adults were... More »

3 out of 10 Young Adults Moving Home

'Boomerang kids' have trouble finding well-paying work

(Newser) - As many as three out of 10 young adults are moving back in with their parents—resulting in the highest share of 18- to 34-year-olds living with multiple generations since the 1950s—after finding themselves unable to find lucrative employment in this dismal economy. They're dubbed "boomerang kids"... More »

Young Adults Put Life on Hold Over Economy

But most remain upbeat about their future: Pew survey

(Newser) - The economy is doing a number on those aged 18 to 34, according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center :
  • Half say they have taken a job they didn't want.
  • More than a third have gone back to school because of the job market.
  • Nearly a quarter
... More »

Some Cancers Climb as Deaths Drop Overall

No improvement in young adults' mortality rates

(Newser) - Cancer death rates are down overall, the American Cancer Society says, falling 1.8% among men and 1.6% among women between 2004 and 2008. Rates have dropped across all ethnic groups except American Indians and Alaskan natives, the Los Angeles Times notes. But the incidence of some types of... More »

Health Reform Insured 2.5M Young People

Coverage up among 19- to 25-year-olds, now eligible for parents' insurance

(Newser) - Roughly 2.5 million people between the ages of 19 and 25 have gained health insurance since President Obama signed his health care reform bill, more than double the 1 million the White House had been expecting, according to a new administration analysis. The bump is almost entirely due to... More »

It's OK for Teen Fiction to Address (Gasp) Sex

It can be healthy, safe way to explore sexuality: Tracy Clark-Flory

(Newser) - A new study about teen fiction raises a familiar alarm bell: The books have too much sex. Roughly half of young-adult titles have some kind of racy content, which runs the gamut from kissing to intercourse, warns the study from Brigham Young University. Oh, please, writes Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon... More »

Marriage Rates Fall: Who Can Afford It?

More young couples postpone it, live together instead

(Newser) - Marriage: Who needs, er, can afford it these days? Apparently quite a few can't, as there are more never-married young adults than married young adults for the first time in more than a century, the New York Times reports. The data, from last year’s census, suggest that the recession... More »

Introducing a New Life Stage: 'Emerging Adulthood'

What comes after adolescence and before adulthood? This

(Newser) - The cover story in this week's New York Times magazine floats a provocative idea: We should start thinking of the 20s as a distinct life stage called (in the words of the psychology professor leading the charge) "emerging adulthood." The argument is that a slew of socio-economic factors—... More »

Young Adults Biggest Fans of Health Care Reform

Also top supporters of public option: survey

(Newser) - Making up 30% of the uninsured population, young adults are the biggest supporters of health reform and the public option, a poll finds—but they're also among the quietest. Only 53% of working young adults qualify for employer-based insurance, and they usually can’t afford to take out their own... More »

Swine Flu Hits Hardest Among Young Adults

Excessive immune reaction may be at fault in Mexican deaths

(Newser) - The swine flu sweeping through Mexico is wreaking havoc among young adults in particular, reports the Washington Post, with the entire death toll as of yesterday comprised of those between 25 and 50. Some believe the trouble for young adults is an overpowering immune reaction that ravages throat and lung... More »

Uninsured Young Adults Play Doctor

Some feel invincible but most just can't afford pricey premiums

(Newser) - Twentysomethings in low-paying jobs with no health coverage are taking up the slack with self-diagnosis and treatment, a potentially dangerous practice that may seem unavoidable. Many say they face a choice between buying insurance and making rent—and they're opting for the latter. "They’re new to the work... More »

Anne of Green Gables, at 100, Goes Legit

Scribe cheers as Modern Library adds heroine to canon

(Newser) - Impetuous redheaded orphan Anne of Green Gables got the biggest gift of all on her 100th birthday: Official introduction into the literary canon. The Modern Library will issue a centennial edition of the first book in the series of eight. Some scholars bristle at the decision to place Anne alongside... More »

Majority of Alcoholics Are Young Adults

Study splits drinkers into 5 categories; 2 largest are in 20s

(Newser) - More than half of all alcoholics in the United States are young adults, reveals a new study that surveyed 1,484 US adults. The study, reported by CBS, divided problem drinkers into five types. Despite the stereotype of the alcoholic as middle-aged, the average age in the two largest groups—... More »

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