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Trump Backs Away From Major Pledges

Gingrich says wall promise was 'campaign device'

(Newser) - Donald Trump has only been president-elect of the United States for a few days but some of his biggest campaign promises are already looking shaky—including his promise to repeal ObamaCare . Failure to deliver on pledges like the border wall could alienate some of his "most fervent supporters,"... More »

Border Wall Maker's Share Price Jumps After Trump Win

Prison shares up, gun shares down

(Newser) - This is a good time to be in the wall-building business: Shares in Israeli firm Magal Security System, which helped build the wall around Gaza and many other barriers around the world, jumped around 6% Wednesday in the wake of Donald Trump's surprise election victory, the Independent reports. Trump... More »

Mexico: We're Still Not Paying for Trump's Wall

Victory means trouble ahead for country's economy

(Newser) - Mexico's leaders say they're willing to work with Donald Trump—but they're still not paying for his border wall. Paying for a wall is "out of our vision," and "the vision that we have is a vision of integration, of how Mexico and the... More »

3 Stories