Michael Flynn

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Sources: Mueller Probing Alleged Flynn Plot to Abduct Cleric

Special counsel said to be investigating scheme to 'remove' Fethullah Gulen from US, bring to Turkey

(Newser) - At least two ex-members of President Trump's campaign team have been burned so far by the Mueller Russia investigation. Now, more rumblings about an ex-administration member. The Wall Street Journal Friday detailed an alleged plot that Robert Mueller is probing—one that involves Flynn and his son, Michael G.... More »

Flynn 'Rejects Request to Speak to Senate Committee'

He won't comply with subpoena, sources say

(Newser) - Michael Flynn didn't get his deal for immunity —so he's apparently not talking to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Sources tell CNN that the former national security adviser, who is a key figure in investigations of alleged Russian election meddling, has rejected a second request to appear before... More »

New Mueller Moves Could Be Trouble for Manafort, Flynn

Special counsel ramps up Russia inquiry of both men

(Newser) - Robert Mueller's Russia investigation is again making headlines, this time over two new moves involving Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort. On the latter, NBC News reports that Mueller has issued subpoenas to public relations execs who worked with Manafort on an international lobbying campaign from 2012 to 2014. "... More »

Mueller Team Asks White House for Documents on Flynn

Investigators are wondering if Flynn was secretly paid by Turkish government

(Newser) - Michael Flynn made a flurry of headlines Friday and Saturday, the most pressing of which was a New York Times report that investigators working for Robert Mueller asked the White House for documents related to the ex-national security adviser. Sources say investigators have also asked witnesses if Flynn was secretly... More »

GOP Operative Who Sought Clinton Emails Kills Himself

Peter W. Smith's suicide note described ill health

(Newser) - A former private equity adviser and Republican operative who died soon after telling the Wall Street Journal he tried during the 2016 presidential election campaign to obtain Hillary Clinton's missing emails from Russian hackers killed himself, according to a state death record obtained by the Chicago Tribune . The newspaper... More »

GOP Operative Implicates Flynn in Search for Clinton Emails

'We knew people who had these were probably around Russian government'

(Newser) - A longtime GOP operative claimed to be working with Michael Flynn when he reached out to hacker groups prior to the presidential election in an attempt to get emails he believed were stolen from Hillary Clinton's private server, according to en exclusive report from the Wall Street Journal . “... More »

Putin Says He Barely Recalls Flynn From Russian Dinner

'I didn't even really talk to him'

(Newser) - Megyn Kelly's new show debuts Sunday on NBC, and she scored quite the coup for her very first interview: none other than Vladimir Putin. In an excerpt she previewed on Meet the Press, Kelly showed an exchange that might be good news for Michael Flynn on the investigative front... More »

Flynn Subpoenaed by House Panel, and He's Not Alone

House intelligence committee issued subpoena for Michael Cohen, too

(Newser) - The House intelligence committee said Wednesday it is issuing subpoenas for President Trump's ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn and Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, as well as their businesses, as part of its investigation into Russian activities during last year's election. The subpoenas were part of... More »

Report: Russians Discussed How to Charm Trump Aides

US spies learned about discussions last summer: NYT

(Newser) - US spies last summer gathered that Russian intelligence officials were discussing how Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort could be used to influence Donald Trump, reports the New York Times . Russians claimed connections to Flynn, a Trump adviser, and discussed using their connections to former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, a close... More »

Ex-CIA Chief: Russia 'Brazenly' Interfered With Our Election

John Brennan testifies before House panel

(Newser) - Former CIA chief John Brennan left no wiggle room in one aspect of his testimony before a House panel on Tuesday: "It should be clear to everyone that Russia brazenly interfered in our 2016 election process," he told the House Intelligence Committee, per the Daily Beast . But as... More »

Democrats Say Flynn May Have Lied on Background Check

Plus, he invokes the 5th amendment to rebuff subpoena in Trump-Russia probe

(Newser) - President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in rebuffing a subpoena Monday in the investigation into Russia's election meddling, the AP reports. Flynn's attorneys told the Senate intelligence committee he will not turn over personal documents sought under... More »

There's Another Twist in the Michael Flynn Drama

'NYT' reports Trump team knew he was under investigation before inauguration

(Newser) - Yet another twist in the Michael Flynn drama: President Trump's transition team knew weeks before the inauguration that Flynn was under federal investigation for links to a foreign power, but that was no obstacle to his hiring as national security adviser, sources tell the New York Times . The insiders... More »

Comey Memo: Trump Tried to Meddle in Flynn Investigation

A memo written by Comey details February meeting with Trump

(Newser) - President Trump asked James Comey to stop the federal investigation into Michael Flynn, according to a memo written after a February meeting with the president by the former FBI director. "I hope you can let this go," the New York Times quotes the memo as saying. Comey, in... More »

Senate Committee Issues Rare Subpoena in Russia Case

Michael Flynn declined to hand over documents voluntarily

(Newser) - The Senate Intelligence Committee stepped up its investigation of alleged Russian meddling in last year's election Wednesday and subpoenaed former national security adviser Michael Flynn. A Senate historian tells NBC News that this is the first time the Intelligence Committee has used its subpoena power since the congressional investigation... More »

Key Moments From the Sally Yates Hearing

After warning, it took 18 days to fire Flynn

(Newser) - Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates on Monday testified before a Senate subcommittee looking into the Trump campaign's alleged ties to Russia, and analysts say she provided some key information about the departure of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn—and raised some new questions for the White House. A... More »

Yates: I Warned That Flynn 'Could Be Blackmailed'

Former acting attorney general expressed concerns to White House

(Newser) - Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, speaking publicly for the first time about concerns she brought to the Trump White House on Russia, told Congress on Monday she warned that National Security Adviser Michael Flynn "essentially could be blackmailed" because he apparently had lied to his bosses about his... More »

Spicer: Obama's Advice on Flynn Not a Huge Surprise

Outgoing president made clear to Trump 'he wasn't exactly a fan'

(Newser) - White House spokesman Sean Spicer confirmed reports Monday that outgoing President Obama warned President-elect Trump about Michael Flynn. But Spicer downplayed it as informal, unsurprising advice. "It's true President Obama made it known he wasn't exactly a fan of Gen. Flynn's," said Spicer, adding that... More »

Reports: Obama Personally Warned Trump About Flynn

It came during their meeting in the Oval Office right after the election, says NBC

(Newser) - When then-President Obama met with President-elect Trump in the Oval Office two days after the election, NBC News reports that Obama gave him a specific piece of advice: Don't hire Michael Flynn . ( CNN says it has confirmed the story.) Trump did not take the advice and went... More »

Flynn Was Warned About Foreign Payments Years Ago

Documents show he was warned not to take foreign money without advance approval

(Newser) - Documents released by lawmakers show President Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, was warned when he retired from the military in 2014 not to take foreign money without "advance approval" by Pentagon authorities, the AP reports. Also, the Defense Department inspector general's office confirms in a... More »

Flynn May Now Face Criminal Prosecution

Leaders of House panel say he didn't get permission for work in Russia, Turkey

(Newser) - Michael Flynn's Russia headache just got worse: The two heads of the House Oversight Committee say the erstwhile national security adviser probably broke the law in regard to his foreign business dealings, reports the Washington Post . GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings say they reviewed classified... More »

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