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Man Helps Woman in Need, Gets Big Surprise Years Later

Chris Wright had no idea a kind gesture would come back around

(Newser) - Chris Wright was driving to church in Georgia in 2014 when he spotted TunDe Hector walking in the rain carrying a jerrycan. She'd run out of gas with $5 in her pocket. The Good Samaritan tells ABC News he offered her a lift to a gas station and back,... More »

Amazing Human Chain: 'These People Are Not Drowning Today'

Bystanders at Panama City Beach in Florida step up

(Newser) - It could have been the worst story of the day. Instead, it's one of the best. Dozens of strangers formed a human chain and saved a family from drowning at Panama City Beach in Florida, per the News Herald . The Washington Post reports that 10 people were rescued in... More »

Central Park Five Finally Get Their Graduation Day

Honorary diplomas awarded to men wrongfully imprisoned in New York

(Newser) - Nearly three decades after their wrongful conviction for the rape of a jogger, three members of the Central Park Five walked onstage Monday in New York to receive their high-school diplomas. The New York Times reports Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson, and Raymond Santana Jr. were presented with honorary diplomas from... More »

Man Gives Away Shirt— With $8K in Pocket

Bob Hoffman meant well when he gave a pile of his old shirts to Goodwill

(Newser) - Always check your pockets. That's the message Bob Hoffman learned the hard way after his wife donated one of his old shirts—and $8,000 he had stuffed in a pocket. The man from Long Beach, Calif., was keeping the secret stash to surprise his wife, Linda, with a... More »

4 Stories