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Thousands of Doctors Going Unused in US

Because they didn't train here

(Newser) - There is a doctor shortage in many parts of the US, and it's only going to get worse when ObamaCare kicks in. Meanwhile, thousands of foreign-trained physicians are already living here but are ineligible to practice without undertaking costly, time-consuming retraining, reports the New York Times . "It doesn’... More »

Doctors Abandon Home Countries for US

It's great for Americans, terrible for the third world

(Newser) - When he came to the US, Dr. Kunj Desai intended to return to his native Zambia as soon as he finished surgical training. Now, he doubts he ever will. It's a common story, the New York Times reports. Drastically more foreign doctors flock to the US every year than... More »

UK Docs Implant Bionic Eyes

Surgery aims to restore partial vision in blind men

(Newser) - British doctors have given two blind men bionic eyesight and say they will soon enjoy partial vision, the Telegraph reports. Using US technology, the surgeons inserted electrodes in the men's retinas last week. Studded on a metal plate, the conductors will be connected to a small eyeglass camera that enables... More »

Housewives Desperately Backpedals From Slur

Philippines in uproar over Hatcher dis

(Newser) - “Can I check those diplomas? I want to make sure they're not from some med school in the Philippines,” Teri Hatcher's character tells her doctor in Sunday's Desperate Housewives premiere. Turns out Filipinos are quite proud of their med schools, the Independent writes, and 50,000 or so—... More »

Bomb Plots Hatched in Brit Hospitals

Extremist cell of immigrant doctors linked to UK terror

(Newser) - A secret Al-Qaeda cell of foreign doctors working under cover of British hospitals is being investigated as the key source of the string of car bombing attempts that rocked Britain over the weekend, the Independent reports. Five of of eight people who have been arrested are believed to be doctors,... More »

5 Stories