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'Beyond Insane': Inside a $263M Sports Deal

Neymar just became the most expensive soccer player in history

(Newser) - “The first word that comes to mind is insane. There’s no way that it makes any economic sense. It’s insane. It’s beyond insane.” That's how one sports business expert describes the record-shattering deal that will send Neymar—widely recognized as the third-best soccer player... More »

Who Beat Out LeBron for Most Famous Athlete

That would be Cristiano Ronaldo, per ESPN ranking

(Newser) - Tom Brady who? The all-star NFL quarterback might be a household name in the US, but he doesn't even make the top 20 of ESPN's list of the most famous athletes in the world, reports the Boston Herald . The 10 most well-known athletes, based on social media followers,... More »

2 Stories