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How Mexico Hopes to Stop Trump From Winning

Consulates are hosting free workshops across the US

(Newser) - As Donald Trump talks about building a "big beautiful wall" on the southern US border, Mexico is apparently hatching plans to prevent a Trump presidency. While Mexico officially refuses to interfere in the election, Mexican diplomats in the US are helping Mexican permanent residents fast-track to US citizenship by... More »

1M New Citizens Break Century Record

Fee increase helps immigration service clear huge backlog

(Newser) - Over a million new American citizens took the oath of allegiance last year—the highest number since the government began keeping records a century ago, reports CNN. The number of people going through the naturalization process has been steadily climbing for decades. The clearing of a major 2007 backlog—along... More »

More Mexican Immigrants Becoming US Citizens

Number naturalized soared 50% in 2007

(Newser) - In 2007, while the US hotly debated immigration reform, the number of Mexican-born immigrants who became American citizens skyrocketed, the LA Times reports. Experts attribute the jump—122,000 people took the oath, 84,000 more than in 2006—largely to an aggressive pro-citizenship campaign and a desire to beat... More »

Citizenship Test Gets Overhaul

New questions focus less on the nitty-gritty

(Newser) - The government yesterday unveiled its new citizenship test, which puts less emphasis on memorization of facts and more on analysis. To become naturalized, it's no longer enough for applicants to know how many stars or stripes are on the flag, but they may need to ID a constitutional amendment that... More »

More Legal Immigrants Seek US Citizenship

Tougher laws, rising fees drive increase in demand

(Newser) - A burgeoning number of legal immigrants are applying for US citizenship—115,000 in May, compared with 65,782 last December. The Times reports immigrants are worried about tougher citizenship tests, rising processing fees, and insecurity in the wake of the furor over the federal immigration bill. More »

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