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As Foreclosures Rise, Fraud Cases Balloon

Equity scammers take advantage of ignorant, desperate owners

(Newser) - Running parallel with spiking foreclosure rates, so-called “foreclosure rescue scams” have reached epic proportions, and many state and local agencies aren't equipped to fight back, MSNBC reports. Companies that promise to help floundering property owners keep their homes and avoid the stigma of foreclosure are instead milking them for... More »

Scams Target Delinquent Homeowners

'Equity strippers' deceive borrowers behind on their mortgage payments

(Newser) - A new form of fraud is thriving in the declining housing market, targeting desperate homeowners who are late on their mortgage payments. Known as equity strippers, companies cold-call burdened borrowers, promising a reprieve from their financial woes. In the end, they profit, and the owners end up losing their  home... More »

2 Stories