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Younger Husband Shortens Wife's Life

Danish study defies expectations

(Newser) - Having a young husband can reduce a woman's life expectancy, a new study says. Marriage stats have long shown that men with younger wives tend to live longer. Researchers had assumed the same held true for women—but a study of 2 million Danish couples showed otherwise, Science Daily reports.... More »

Help! There's a New Bitch in My Kitchen

Male food snobs are elbowing women out at the stove

(Newser) - Over the past 40 years, the amount of time men spend in the kitchen has tripled—and they have turned the once-womanly art of home cooking into a competitive playing field. On TV, “it’s hard to keep up with the itinerant rage-aholics cycling through the Food Network,”... More »

Ladies, Pick Up Thy Power Tool

(Newser) - Sara Mosle “came of age betwixt and between,” she writes on DoubleX—after feminism had freed women from the need to learn “traditional female skills” but before “they had begun to make real inroads into traditional male pastimes and professions.” So that left her with... More »

Puppy Love Fuels Twilight Author

(Newser) - Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight books, is not a shadowy vampire, Vogue reports. In fact, she is a shy, retiring Mormon mother of 3 living in a Phoenix suburb. Sure, the characters for the hit books came from a dream, but the substance is straight puppy love. “... More »

To Work Or Not to Work?

Provocative book worries about women giving up good careers to be trophy moms

(Newser) - The feminist generation gap gets a sharp appraisal in "The Feminine Mistake," the new book by Leslie Bennetts that questions why so many upscale young women are abandoning careers for children. Joan Walsh finds it a refreshing rebuttal to recent paens to motherhood, especially since Bennetts recognizes that ... More »

5 Stories