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Would-Be First Ladies Would Rather Not

Candidates' wives plenty skeptical about life on the campaign trail

(Newser) - There are plenty of Republicans lining up to take Barack Obama's job, but not so many of their wives are sure they want Michelle Obama's gig. Mitch Daniels' wife Cheri, who Politico reports has been notably skittish about a 2012 run, recently announced she'd speak at a... More »

Would-Be First Ladies Candid in First Forum

Bill Clinton a no-show

(Newser) - Five spouses of presidential candidates met yesterday for a surprisingly candid exchange about their experiences on the campaign trail and their potential roles in the White House. Bill Clinton and Judith Giuliani both opted out, prompting host Maria Shriver, a former journalist and California's first lady, to joke that “... More »

Ann Romney Speaks Out... on Her Family

She keeps things personal, appeals to conservative base

(Newser) - Ann Romney’s image as a demure stay-at-home mom separates her from more "modern" First Lady aspirants – and solidifies Mitt's plan to coax Christian conservatives to the polls, the Boston Globe reports. “His message is going to be, 'Not only am I against abortion and gay marriage,... More »

Thompson (Already) Falters

Campaign sinking before it starts swimming

(Newser) - Fred Thompson's White House campaign is in trouble before it has even officially begun, according to the Washington Post's campaign diary. Short of money and minus a manager, the unannounced Thompson is tied for last in the polls with the floundering John McCain. More »

4 Stories