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Obama's 'Pull' on Ethics Bill Helped Spark Gov. Case

But past ties also reveal Obama's ascendency through machine politics

(Newser) - Barack Obama isn't as distant from the scandal surrounding the indicted governor of Illinois as he has let on. The president-elect used his pull in the Illinois senate to get an ethics bill passed that contributed to Gov. Rod Blagojevich's indictment on corruption charges, reports the New York Times. While... More »

Pols Flout Ethics Law on Trip to Carib Isle

Opulent weekend was funded by top corporations

(Newser) - Six US lawmakers, all members of the Congressional Black Caucus, have been caught rubbing shoulders with lobbyists on a trip that violates federal ethics laws, the New York Post reports. Joining them were three New York officials, including the state's governor—who avoided breaking the law by paying his own... More »

Palin Swings Hard, Lacks Follow-Through

Record shows her taking bold stances, shying away from follow-through

(Newser) - Those who have worked with Sarah Palin in Alaskan politics—Democrats and Republicans alike—are split on the governor's leadership style. While most praise her bold, tough approach, they also point out her lack of follow-through and seeming disinterest in the details of governing, and her inability to work with... More »

Clinton and Obama: A Tale of Two Senators

Brief legislative careers reveal much about candidates

(Newser) - The Senate isn’t a powerful presidential launching pad, but Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama arrived there amidst whispers of executive ambitions, and each charted a very different course, the LA Times reports. Clinton swiftly established herself as an inside operator, forging alliances and focusing on her state, while Obama... More »

With Polls Open, Elections Monitor Closed

Partisan deadlock has Federal Election Commission toothless

(Newser) - As the 2008 election cycle kicks into high gear, the partisan wrangling over nominations to the Federal Election Commission has shut down the watchdog body, the Christian Science Monitor reports. Four of six seats on the commission are vacant, and nominations are gridlocked in the Senate—leaving the agency with... More »

Ethics Reform Bill Sails Through Senate

Some Republicans unsatisfied with scope; Bush may not sign

(Newser) - The ethics reform bill, which tightens restrictions on congressional pet projects and lobbyist dealings, easily cleared the Senate today. The final vote was 83-14, with all of those opposed Republicans. Critics say the bill won't go far enough to curb earmark spending, the AP reports, but Dianne Feinstein praised the... More »

6 Stories