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NY Times Calls Obama Book 'Chick' Lit

Critics see label as slight to serious book, author

(Newser) - A generally gushing review in the New York Times of a book by its own Washington correspondent hit an Internet landmine when it referred to the book as "chick nonfiction," observes New York Magazine . The reconfiguration of the term "chick lit" was no doubt meant to be... More »

Let's Kill the Term 'Chick Lit'

You're not a 'marshmallow peep' for reading books about women

(Newser) - It's time do away with the demeaning (and now meaningless) label called "chick lit," writes Linda Holmes at NPR. Consider the example of Jennifer Weiner, who writes mainly about women and their relationships and is therefore dismissed as a "chick lit" lightweight. No matter that her books... More »

How Recession Could Kill Chick Lit

Fluffy novels 'must respond to a more sober age'

(Newser) - The world of chick lit is populated with material concerns and hefty price tags—but in today’s battered economy, such themes may no longer resonate, writes author Sarah Bilston for DoubleX. Her latest book's “cheery consumerism and aimless career-dithering were clearly out of touch in a world of... More »

Chick Lit, Meet Manfiction

Tough-guy novels offer escapism, entertainment

(Newser) - With women taking the bestseller charts by storm, publishers may consider the male reading audience negligible, but that’s far from the case, writes Stephen King in Entertainment Weekly. In fact, men have their own form of chick lit—he calls it “manfiction”—which features the male equivalent... More »

'Mommy Lit' Taps Motherlode of Frustration

Reviewer rips popular portraits of female mediocrity

(Newser) - Slate reviewer Katie Roiphe dresses down the entire emerging "Mommy Lit" genre in her caustic feminist review of the Brit bestseller "Slummy Mummy." Roiphe says she doesn't have a problem with light summer page-turners, but she takes issue with the novel's celebration of frumpy female mediocrity.  More »

5 Stories