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Never Mind Gitmo—the Real Prison Problem Is Here

(Newser) - The collective freak-out over closing Guantanamo proves that Americans do care about prisons and prisoners, but Gitmo “is a mere speck in the eye of America’s larger prison program,” writes Dahlia Lithwick in Newsweek. That’s why Sen. Jim Webb of the “lock ‘em up”... More »

Webb Joins Clark Brouhaha; McCain Camp Strikes Back

More words over politicizing military service

(Newser) - James Webb said yesterday that John McCain should “calm down” regarding the politicizing of his military service, prompting an angry response today. McCain's campaign alleged a “coordinated attack on John McCain’s credentials.” But no Democrat—including Wesley Clark—has “demeaned” McCain’s service, Greg Sargent... More »

Obama's VP Search Fields a General

James Jones, retired NATO honcho, surfaces in Hill talks

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s VP selection team had a busy couple of days on Capitol Hill, talking up possible running mates with legislators. A new name in the mix is that of retired Gen. James Jones, MSNBC reports. Joe Biden and Ohio governor Ted Strickland also came under scrutiny; Bill Richardson,... More »

Webb's Famed Anger Is His Strength

It's no liability, but rather what makes him an important Dem

(Newser) - James Webb's legendary temper spurs worry that saps energy from the argument for a Barack Obama-Webb ticket. But it's exactly that quality that makes him an attractive possibility, Eve Fairbanks writes in the New Republic. It’s not just his “capacity to hormonally invigorate a party sick of its... More »

'Wingnutty' Webb Can't Be Obama VP

Loose cannon off-base on women, civil rights; won't get white vote

(Newser) - Many liberals are pining for James Webb to be added to a Barack Obama ticket, but the Virginia senator is “completely unacceptable”—severely lacking on affirmative action (which he has called “state-sponsored racism”), on women’s issues (he’s said females in the military “poison”... More »

'Bogus' McCain, Bush Oppose New GI Bill

Particularly when GOP heavies spend so much air, funds on war

(Newser) - The so-called new GI bill, which would update the famed original to fund education for veterans, should be an obvious ‘Yea’ vote for any legislator, but, the New York Times' Bob Herbert points out, John McCain and President Bush are fighting it. The bipartisan bill is “an investment”... More »

Va. Senator Not the Firebrand Many Expected

Mr. Webb goes to Washington and plays nice

(Newser) - Virginia Sen. James Webb hasn’t played the part of hot-tempered agitator many expected in his freshman term, the Washington Post reports. Making friends and taking legislative strides, Webb “has vaulted to a position of influence,” said one colleague. But "the job of getting out and speaking... More »

The Hill Has Recess, But It's No Fun

Seconds-long Senate sessions stave off controversial appointments

(Newser) - Democrats in Congress are keeping a watchful eye on President Bush and preventing him from making any appointments during the monthlong holiday recess. The strategy requires the Senate to be in session every couple of days—even if only for a few seconds. On Friday, the Politico reports, the Senate... More »

Dems Fail to Bring Troop Bill to Senate Vote

Warner defection kills bill to mandate time between deployments

(Newser) - Senate Democrats were unable to muster enough GOP support today to bring to a vote a bill that would have given US troops more down time between overseas deployments. A late defection by Republican John Warner was the death knell for the bill, the Wall Street Journal reports, sponsored by... More »

NASA Reveals Superpowered Telescope

Giant camera will replace Hubble, see across universe

(Newser) - NASA has uncovered a prototype for a new telescope that will outmagnify the dominant Hubble. The James Webb Space Telescope will cost $4.5 billion and float nearly a million miles from Earth when it launches in six years; its supercharged hexagonal mirror will transmit images of the farthest and... More »

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