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Can North Korea's Planes Actually Get Kim to US Summit?

The 'Washington Post' takes a look at potential aviation limitations

(Newser) - Kim Jong Un on Monday finally acknowledged the planned North Korea-US summit, but there's still no word on where it will take place. At the Washington Post , David Nakamura looks at an interesting wrinkle: whether Kim has a plane that can actually get him to wherever it will be... More »

Buckle Up for This 8-Minute Plane Ride

From Switzerland to Friedrichshafen, Germany—the world's shortest international commercial flight

(Newser) - The world's longest nonstop commercial flight is nearly 15 hours; the shortest, about eight minutes. CNN reports on the latter out of Europe, where the puddle jumper (water droplet jumper?) between Switzerland's St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport and Germany's Friedrichshafen Airport is a commuter fantasy come to life as... More »

Pilots May Have to Fly Jetliners All Alone

NASA funds study to consider historic change

(Newser) - Imagine peeking into a jetliner cockpit and seeing a single pilot in there, responsible for flying all of those people. Well, NASA wants to seriously consider that option with a new $4 million study, the Wall Street Journal reports. Contract winner Rockwell Collins Inc. will look at whether a second... More »

Airplanes Can Cause Extra Rainfall

Phenomenon caused by holes punched in cloud cover

(Newser) - Airplanes flying through super-cooled clouds around airports can cause condensation that actually results in more snow and rain for nearby areas, according to a new study. The perfect conditions for such a freaky weather event occur about 5% of the time—but 10% to 15% in winter—according to the... More »

FAA Not Sure Who Owns Thousands of US Planes

Chaos prompts terror fears; agency calls for re-registration

(Newser) - The FAA lacks key information on who owns some 119,000 private and commercial aircraft in the US, prompting concerns that terrorists or drug traffickers could use the paperwork mess to their advantage—something the latter group is already doing. The FAA is calling for all owners to re-register the... More »

The Horrific Scene of the Stevens Crash

Survivors lay in mangled wreckage as chilled rain fell

(Newser) - When Ted Stevens and his companions left their lodge, they thought they were headed for a quick trip to a salmon fishing camp. When they hadn’t arrived hours later, the lodge sent out search planes, who quickly found a horrific scene, the AP reports. The nose of the plane... More »

Airline Blames Customs for Stranded Flyers

Virgin says feds threatened arrests if passengers got off

(Newser) - Well somebody's lying: Virgin Atlantic says it had to keep passengers on a hot airplane for 4 hours on the tarmac because a Customs official demanded it, reports AP . The pilot says he called upon landing at the Connecticut airport and was told passengers would be arrested if they disembarked... More »

Passengers Stranded 4 Hours on Tarmac

At least three people fainted in hot conditions, they say

(Newser) - Virgin Atlantic Airways passengers say they were kept on a hot plane without food or water for more than four hours at Connecticut's Bradley International Airport. Passengers told CNN that last night's ordeal began when they were diverted to Bradley because of bad weather during a flight from London to... More »

FAA Admits Flubs on Wandering Northwest Flight

Miscommunication marked regulator's response to stray airliner

(Newser) - The FAA should have taken more decisive action on the Northwest Airlines flight that fell out of communication with ground control for 77 minutes last month, officials acknowledged today. While the plane was out of contact, air-traffic controllers changed shifts and failed to warn their replacements about the runaway plane.... More »

JetBlue Offers All-You-Can-Fly Monthly Pass for $599

(Newser) - This could set off an interesting price war: JetBlue today began selling a $599 pass for all the flights you can handle between Sept. 8 and Oct. 8, reports Bloomberg. The idea is to try to keep their planes full once the peak summer season winds down. The offer's good... More »

Congress Relents, Slashes Unwanted Jet Order

(Newser) - House leaders are slashing their $550 million order for eight new executive jets for use by senior government officials, caving to pressure from fellow lawmakers and the Pentagon, Politico reports. John Murtha’s Defense Appropriations Subcommittee had more than doubled the Pentagon’s original request for $220 million to buy... More »

Dreamliner's Maiden Flight Delayed

Boeing's 787 won't be ready to fly until October

(Newser) - Boeing's cushy, cutting-edge Dreamliner won't make it into airlines' hands until sometime in October, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. The inaugural flight of the 787was originally scheduled for late September, but unexpected delays encountered with the complex installation of the jetliner's myriad flight systems have pushed Boeing's timetable back. More »

Brake Failure, Pilot Panic in Brazilian Jet

Frantic cockpit transcripts point to mechanical error in crash that killed 200

(Newser) - Panicked pilots of a doomed Brazilian plane are heard struggling to control the aircraft speeding down a rain-slicked runway in transcripts  of a cockpit tape released yesterday. "Slow down! Turn, turn, turn!" screams the co-pilot. "I can't," says the pilot. "Oh my God! Oh my... More »

Airlines Plead Guilty of Price Fixing

British Airways and Korean Air socked with $300M fines in ongoing investigation

(Newser) - British Airways and Korean Air have agreed to plead guilty and pay $300 million each in criminal fines for engaging in massive conspiracies to fix the prices of passenger and cargo flights for the past six years, the US Justice Department said yesterday. BA will pony up another $247million fine... More »

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