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World's Biggest Banana Firm Is Born

Chiquita, Fyffes merge

(Newser) - Yes, they have more bananas: Fruit supply companies Chiquita of the United States and Fyffes of Ireland announced today they had agreed to merge to create the world's biggest banana supplier. The two companies said the merger would create a banana behemoth that ships more than 160 million crates... More »

Mac Supporter's Firm Funded Colombian Terrorists

Lindner's Chiquita also trafficked in arms

(Newser) - A billionaire who co-hosted a $2 million party for John McCain last week paid almost as much to a Colombian paramilitary group through his former company, the Huffington Post reports. Under Carl Lindner, Chiquita funneled $1.7 million to AUC, a group the US deems a terrorist organization—and one... More »

US Families Sue Chiquita Over FARC Murders

Claim protection cash to Colombia rebels tied to missionary slayings

(Newser) - Fruit giant Chiquita stands accused in a federal lawsuit of contributing to the deaths of five US missionaries at the hands of Colombian rebel group FARC during the 1990s, the Wall Street Journal reports today. Families of the missionaries say protection money the Cincinnati-based company admitted to secretly paying the... More »

Terrorism Probe Focuses on Chertoff Advice

Chiquita, now under investigation, sought counsel, got nowhere

(Newser) - Chiquita is under investigation for supporting terrorism, but the company lays the blame on Michael Chertoff. In 2003, Chiquita met with Chertoff, then assistant AG, and admitted to paying protection money to a Colombian paramilitary force on the US list of terror groups. Chiquita's lawyers say they sought advice, the... More »

4 Stories