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In Electric Vehicles, the 'Gas' Is Also the Brake

Welcome to the world of one-pedal driving

(Newser) - It's one of the lines that gets beat into every teenager's brain in driver's ed: Brake left, gas right. But in our new electric-vehicle world, that sentence could use an upgrade. That's because what was once the gas—the proper term for EVs is accelerator—is... More »

Tiny Part Just Caused a Huge Recall of 1.5M Bikes

Malfunctioning generic lever is root of problem for bikes from 13 different brands

(Newser) - In 2011, heralded the advent of disc brakes as the "biggest revolution in ride technology since integrated shifting," promising a safer, easier way to slow bikes down. But the safety part is now uncertain for some: The Consumer Product Safety Commission has ordered a recall of... More »

Toyota Not to Blame in Calif. Crash Death: Court

Fellow driver owes $10M in damages

(Newser) - A key case in Toyota's sudden-acceleration saga has been found in the car maker's favor. A jury found that Toyota wasn't to blame in the death of Noriko Uno, 66, who lost control of her 2006 Camry in a 2009 incident, Bloomberg reports. Toyota opponents held that... More »

Truck Driver Uses Feet for Brakes

... and it doesn't turn out so well for him

(Newser) - Instead of using his head and calling for a tow when his brakes went out, a Michigan man decided to use his feet—to stop his truck. After discovering his brakes weren't working, the 24-year-old continued to drive home, reports the Macomb Daily . While he did manage to stop... More »

BMW Recalls 350K Cars Over Brake Issues

Company's biggest cars could develop leak in power brakes

(Newser) - BMW has announced a recall of 350,800 cars worldwide over a potential leak in their power braking system. The majority of the cars recalled, 198,000 to be precise, are in the US, Bloomberg reports. The recalls come in the wake of customer complaints that they had to push... More »

Gearing Up to Drive Your Car: Hackers

Manufacturers need to take action: experts

(Newser) - Imagine tooling down the road in your car when, suddenly, a nefarious Dr. Strangelove is controlling the brakes, the engine, and the locks. It's not science fiction. Teams of researchers have already hacked into cars' internal computers to control various systems in order to reveal vehicles' vulnerabilities. Teams from Rutgers... More »

Chrysler Launches Massive Recall

Order covers hundreds of thousands of Jeeps, minivans

(Newser) - Chrysler is recalling almost 600,000 minivans and Jeep Wranglers in the US and another 100,000 elsewhere because of brake or wiring problems that could create safety issues, the company and federal regulators said today. The company is recalling 288,968 Jeep Wranglers from the 2006 through 2010 model... More »

Brake Issue Forces Recall of 412K Hondas

Go soft over time in Odyssey minivans, Element SUVs

(Newser) - Honda is recalling some 412,000 vehicles after complaints that their brakes go soft over time as air gets into the braking and stability system. The move affects 344,000 Odyssey minivans and 68,000 Element SUVs for the 2007 and ‘08 model years, Reuters reports. Only minor injuries... More »

US May Require Brake Override Systems

Obama administration 'looking at it,' LaHood says

(Newser) - The Obama administration is considering ordering automakers to install brake override systems in their new cars, Ray LaHood told the Senate Commerce Committee today. “We’re looking at it,” the transportation secretary said, in a hearing on the runaway Toyota problem. “We think it is a good... More »

Woman's 6-Mile Terror Ride to Open Toyota Hearings

Pressure mounts on Toyota as House investigation kicks off

(Newser) - A House panel probing acceleration problems with Toyota vehicles will begin hearing testimony today from safety experts, Toyota's American president, and a Tennessee woman who says her Lexus suddenly zoomed to 100 miles per hour while she was driving on an interstate, the AP reports. Rhonda Smith says the emergency... More »

Toyota Recalls 270K Priuses

Some 2010 models have a potential brake defect

(Newser) - Toyota's troubles deepened today as it plans to recall 270,000 Priuses in the US and Japan over a potential brake defect, says a report in the Nikkei news service. The development comes just hours after the Transportation Department announced its own investigation into the glitch affecting 2010 models. The... More »

Despite Complaints, Toyota Ignored Brake Override

Other automakers use tech to guard against sticking accelerator

(Newser) - For years, Toyota has refused to install brake override technology, despite mounting complaints about runaway cars. Most other automakers employ the technology, which guards against a sticking accelerator by ensuring, in the words of a Chrysler spokesman that, “if the brake and the accelerator are in an argument, the... More »

DC Subway Car 2 Months Overdue for Brake Work

(Newser) - The Washington subway car that rear-ended another yesterday, killing nine passengers, was two months overdue for brake maintenance, a Metro source tells the Post today. “These components are supposed to be changed out to prevent failures,” the source said; officials have not said if they think the car’... More »

Tires, Brakes Linked to Crash; Voice Data 'Good'

Voice, data recorders in Washington, should produce info tonight

(Newser) - Brakes, tires, or landing gear likely caused the Denver airliner crash that injured 40 on Saturday, a source tells CNN. Meanwhile the National Transportation Safety Board is continuing its probe of the accident, and revealed that both black boxes on the plane contained clear information. "Tonight, we should have... More »

Seinfeld Rolls Vintage Car, Is Unhurt

Brakes fail, but comic's quick thinking avoids major crash

(Newser) - What’s the deal with brake lines? Jerry Seinfeld found his suddenly inoperable Saturday night, leading to a spectacular rollover crash in the swanky Hamptons, the New York Post reports. With the car careening out of control, Seinfeld swerved sharply to avoid sailing into an intersection, and the car flipped—... More »

Brake Failure, Pilot Panic in Brazilian Jet

Frantic cockpit transcripts point to mechanical error in crash that killed 200

(Newser) - Panicked pilots of a doomed Brazilian plane are heard struggling to control the aircraft speeding down a rain-slicked runway in transcripts  of a cockpit tape released yesterday. "Slow down! Turn, turn, turn!" screams the co-pilot. "I can't," says the pilot. "Oh my God! Oh my... More »

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