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Why Met Museum's Vase Is Sitting in an Evidence Room

The Met bought it at Sotheby's, but it may have been looted from a grave

(Newser) - For 2,300 years, the painted vase has shown a scene involving the god Dionysus. For just under 30 of those years, it's been in the possession of the Metropolitan Museum of Art—and for the last week or so, it's been stored in the evidence room of... More »

Major Civil War Battlefield Is Now a Crime Scene

Looting a federal battlefield is a crime that can carry a $20K fine, 2 years in prison

(Newser) - Just days before the area's major commemorative events linked to Memorial Day, the National Park Service has announced that Virginia's Petersburg National Battlefield is an "active crime scene," reports CNN. "Earlier this week, one of the park employees was out doing landscape work and noticed... More »

Why a Crazy Amount of Drugs Just Flooded Baltimore's Streets

Enough drugs out there to keep city 'intoxicated for a year': commissioner

(Newser) - The unrest in Baltimore that took place in late April after the death of Freddie Gray veered into violence and looting , and some of the effects of that are just now being made clear. The Baltimore Sun reports "an extraordinary amount" of drugs were taken from 27 of the... More »

Locals Sweep Up Shattered Baltimore

Volunteers come together to clean up damage from yesterday's violence

(Newser) - Some Baltimore residents aren't standing by idly in the mess after yesterday's violence . Volunteers took to the streets today to clean up their "Comeback City." Gawker has culled a series of tweets showing images of helpers picking up debris on the roads and sidewalks, sweeping up... More »

Cops Bust 4 With Looting Costa Concordia

Men were employed by company hired to salvage the wreck

(Newser) - It seems that there's no rest for the wreckage of the recently raised Costa Concordia : Italian police busted four divers employed by Titan, the group tasked with salvaging the cruiseship, and will be charging them with looting, reports Sky News . The men were spotted via CCTV on the eighth... More »

Packs of Young Robbers Hit LA Last Night: Police

They're not believed to be connected to Zimmerman protests

(Newser) - A dozen people—all but one of them juveniles—were arrested in Hollywood last night in what, based on the LA Times ' supercharged description, was a pretty apocalyptic scene. The streets were filled with "marauding bands of youths," who roamed about robbing tourists and storefronts, assaulting people... More »

Museums Unfairly Sitting on Art Nazis Stole: Experts

Claimants grapple with legal gimmicks: reports

(Newser) - Nazi looting left many Jews bereft of art they once owned, and heirs are still coming forward to collect what they say is rightfully theirs. Under a 1998 agreement, US museums in possession of the art are supposed to consider each claim on its merits. Instead, however, many institutions are... More »

Big Peru Find: Royal Tomb That Hasn't Been Looted

63 bodies, vast trove of artifacts inside

(Newser) - South America's first empire was the work of the Wari people, who built it between 700 and 1,000 AD. And archeologists have just brought us closer to their world: For the first time, researchers have discovered a Wari royal tomb that hasn't been looted, National Geographic reports.... More »

Dead Bodies Threaten Egypt's Pyramids: Report

Illegal cemeteries pushing toward monuments

(Newser) - Some of Egypt's greatest monuments are facing a threat: encroaching, illegally-built cemeteries. More than 1,000 tombs have been established this year on grounds where building is prohibited, the Guardian reports. "They came and took space for about 20 generations," says the head archaeologist at Dahshour, home... More »

UK Police Release Video of Rioters Firing Guns

They say officers were shot at 11 times

(Newser) - British police have released security video footage of rioters firing gunshots at them earlier this month. Police say at least 11 shots were fired in all, and they asked the public to come forward to help identify the hooded shooters. The video also shows 30 or 40 men wreaking havoc... More »

'Flash Mob' Loots Maryland 7-Eleven

30 teenagers swarmed in and calmly shoplifted

(Newser) - Apparently looting now falls under the classification of "flash mob." A group of 30 teenagers strolled into a Maryland 7-Eleven early yesterday, quietly picked up items, and then walked out without paying, reports Fox News . Cops are calling it another instance of flash mob crime, in which large... More »

London Rioters Helped Hurt Student—Then Robbed Him

1,700 arrested, 600 charged in unrest

(Newser) - In a video that’s prompted outrage across Britain, including stern words from David Cameron, a 20-year-old student is pictured on the ground after his jaw was broken in a knifepoint attack. Rioters help him up in what appears to be a good Samaritan act—until they proceed to unzip... More »

Cameron Weighs Social Media Ban to Quell Violence

'We need to stop' use of such outlets to organize mayhem: Prime Minister

(Newser) - British Prime Minister David Cameron is calling some unusual characters on the carpet for the violence that rocked England this week: Twitter, Facebook, and Blackberry. In fact, social media played such a key role in the unrest that Cameron is considering blocking users from the systems to prevent violence in... More »

London Calms, But New Riots Splinter England

Unrest hits Manchester, Nottingham

(Newser) - Looting and arson spread to several cities in central and northern England today but calm prevailed in London, where thousands of extra police officers patrolled the streets. The most serious unrest was in Manchester, which had sent 100 officers to assist in London, the Guardian reports. Hundreds of young people... More »

Iran to London Cops: Hey, Show Restraint

And other updates from the chaos

(Newser) - Police are struggling to restore order on the streets of London after three days of rioting and looting. Here are some updates from the Telegraph's exhaustive coverage:
  • David Cameron seemed to criticized the police effort , saying it needed to be “more robust,” and saying that the number
... More »

London Rioters Burn, Loot Through Night

Protest over police shooting turned violent

(Newser) - Riots rocked London last night and into this morning leaving eight police officers injured as crowds threw rocks, burned buildings and cars, and looted area shops over a police shooting Thursday, reports the BBC . The violence followed peaceful protests around 5pm, when 300 people gathered at a Tottenham police station... More »

Looters Burn Sudan Border Town

North takes Abyei amid fears of new conflict

(Newser) - South Sudan's move toward independence has taken a turn for the worse: Armed looters burned sections of a disputed Sudan border town today as north Sudan’s army refused UN orders to withdraw from it, Reuters reports. Entering the town with tanks, the north took control of Abyei this... More »

New Orleans Cops Told They Could Shoot Katrina Looters

Post-Katrina message: 'If you can sleep with it, do it'

(Newser) - In the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, some New Orleans police officers were told they could shoot looters, according to an investigation by ProPublica and the Times-Picayune. One captain told officers at roll call (it's on videotape) that "we have authority by martial law to shoot looters" (martial law... More »

Another Big Aftershock Rocks Chile

6.1 temblor, others prompt brief tsunami warnings

(Newser) - A 6.1-magnitude aftershock struck Chile in the past hour, further jangling nerves on a day when the government mistakenly issued tsunami warnings for coastal areas still sorting out the effects of last week’s 8.8 earthquake. President Michelle Bachelet took to the airwaves today to reassure the nation,... More »

Chaos, Looting Spread in Chile

Quake survivors lack food, water, electricity

(Newser) - Chile extended a nighttime curfew to noon today as looting and crime intensified in earthquake-damaged cities. Troops struggling to gain control in Concepción fired teargas and shot at least one person dead; a supermarket collapsed in the city last night after looters set fire to it. Authorities warn that... More »

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