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Advocates Push LGBT 'Civil Rights Act'

But it could take a decade

(Newser) - With same-sex marriage sweeping the country and analysts predicting the Supreme Court will soon legalize it in all 50 states, gay rights advocates are turning their attention to new legislation: the LGBT version of 1964's Civil Rights Act. It may take a decade or more to be put into... More »

Juno's Ellen Page: 'I Am Gay'

Actress says she is 'tired of lying by omission'

(Newser) - Actress Ellen Page just raised the bar on coming-out announcements. "I’m here today because I am gay," the 26-year-old said last night during a moving speech at a Human Rights Campaign event in Vegas, reports the Hollywood Reporter . "And because maybe I can make a difference.... More »

Gay Marriage Will Be Law of Land in 5 Years: Advocates

And the issue could well end up back in the Supreme Court

(Newser) - When gay marriage advocates finish celebrating yesterday's Supreme Court rulings , a sobering bit of reality is bound to sink in: The nation now has a confusing patchwork of state and federal laws that often conflict with each other, reports the New York Times . Consider a gay couple that marries... More »

2.7M Updated Facebook Pic for Gay Marriage

Human Rights Campaign offers photos online

(Newser) - Seen anyone replace their Facebook profile picture with a red equal sign lately? They're among the 2.7 million or so users supporting same-sex marriage with images provided by the Human Rights Campaign , reports CNN . The group started offering the photos Monday—as the issue headed for the Supreme... More »

Red Symbol of Gay Support on Facebook Is Awesome

Mary Elizabeth Williams: Critics who say it's a meaningless gesture are wrong

(Newser) - Those red equal signs popping up all over Facebook and Twitter in support of gay rights have their share of critics—"meaningless gesture that accomplishes nothing" is a common theme —but Mary Elizabeth Williams at Salon says those critics are missing the point. True, the logo, which is... More »

'Very Smart' Gay Marriage Campaign Targets Blacks

Human Rights Campaign ads reflect savvier movement: Frank Bruni

(Newser) - The Human Rights Campaign recently started a new push for gay marriage called Americans for Marriage Equality, and since its inception two weeks ago, video testimonials from Newark Mayor Cory Booker, actress Mo’Nique, and former NAACP chairman Julian Bond have been released. "Three prominent black Americans in a... More »

Obama: Don't Just Sit There When People Boo a Soldier

President fires away at GOP contenters at gay rights fundraiser

(Newser) - Ah, election season—when politicians remember that they once had guts. President Obama swung hard at GOP presidential hopefuls last night, blasting them for not condemning the crowd that booed a gay soldier at a Republican debate on Sept. 22, reports the Hill . "We don’t believe in the... More »

Gay Activists: Bachmann a 'Target-Rich Environment'

Organizations say she and her husband are 'harmful to children'

(Newser) - Michele Bachmann has her haters, but now gay rights groups are setting their sights on the Minnesota Republican, with one activist calling her a "target-rich environment." Human rights organizations say they plan to home in this summer on Bachmann's past anti-gay efforts in Minnesota, reports Politico . Bachmann... More »

Gay Rights Group Not Welcome in Harvey Milk's Old Pad

Other gay rights groups consider Human Rights Campaign too timid

(Newser) - A gay rights group has moved into Harvey Milk’s old home and campaign headquarters—and gay rights advocates are furious. Why? Because the group in question is the Human Rights Campaign, a lobbying outfit that’s been oft-criticized for its timid, inside-the-Beltway approach. “It’s spitting in the... More »

DC Celebrates First Gay Marriages

Crush at marriage bureau as same-sex couples wed

(Newser) - Wedded bliss descended on Washington, DC, today, as the District’s first same-sex couples were married. About 15 couples visited the marriage bureau in the first hour it was open to pick up their certificates, the Post reports, with one couple running upstairs to the office of a judge to... More »

Reporter: Obama Dismissed Gay Marchers as 'Fringe'

White House takes comedians more seriously, Harwood says

(Newser) - Barack Obama isn’t exactly quaking in his boots over the gay rights protesters that marched on Washington yesterday. The administration views the advocates as “part of the Internet left fringe,” CNBC correspondent John Harwood said on NBC last night. “One adviser told me, ‘those bloggers... More »

Gay Activists Gaga for the Lady

The outlandish pop singer brings her charisma to Washington

(Newser) - It became official this weekend in Washington: Lady Gaga is the new icon for the gay community, this generation’s Cher. She brought the crowds to their feet—twice—at the Human Rights Campaign dinner, where even President Obama said, “It is a privilege to be here tonight to... More »

Obama: 'I Will End Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

President admits slow progress to gay rights group

(Newser) - President Obama pledged to end the ban on homosexuals serving openly in the military in a speech tonight, but acknowledged to a cheering crowd that the policy changes he promised on the campaign trail are not coming as quickly as they expected. "I will end 'don't ask-don't tell,'"... More »

House Bans Bias Against Gays at Work

Major civil rights measure now moves to Senate

(Newser) - It took more than 30 years, but House Democrats today passed a bill banning workplace discrimination against homosexuals, the New York Times reports. Thirty-five Republicans joined 200 Democrats to pass the legislation, which would amend the Civil Rights Act and safeguard workers against discrimination because of their “actual or... More »

Dems Court Rainbow Vote

At Forum debate, Hillary's pink; Obama's on the brink; Edwards, Richardson stink

(Newser) - All of the Democrats who appeared at last night’s gay rights forum touted their support of sponsor Human Rights Campaign—but it was Hillary Clinton who aced the tightrope test, according to Time’s Mark Halperin. Hillary managed to oppose gay marriage without playing defense, all the while supplying... More »

Dems Raise Rainbow Flags

In about-face, frontrunners rush to endorse gay rights for political advantage

(Newser) - It's only been 3 years since the Kerry campaign stumped for an anti-gay marriage amendment, but this cycle's Democrats are hopping on the rainbow bandwagon. The Politico's Ben Smith says the 2008 Dems are proud to be pro-gay, showcasing their full support of rights for same-sex couples—as long as... More »

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