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Unpublished Kafka Story Discovered

Israeli judge orders secret archives opened

(Newser) - Kafka fans may have some reading to do. A team of lawyers and scholars have found a previously unpublished piece believed to have been authored by the late, great Franz Kafka. The discovery came after months of wrangling over the contents of ten locked vaults in Israel and Switzerland. An... More »

Why Writing About Sex Is So Hard

It's actually all the readers' fault

(Newser) - Our most august contemporary writers fumble virginally when it comes to writing about sex, and the BBC can't help but wonder why. After all, there have been plenty of renowned writers in the running for Literary Review's annual award for the best bad sex writing: Nominee Philip Roth penned this... More »

Tale of Wailin' Whalers Nails Bad Writing Contest

Drunken sailors' screaming contest wins 'coveted' Bulwer-Lytton prize

(Newser) - A tale of screaming seafarers has won a Washington man this year's grand prize for terrible writing, AP reports. The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest—named in honor of the British writer who coined "It was a dark and stormy night"—rewards the author who can come up with the... More »

Craze Adds 25 More Random Things to the Web

(Newser) - A craze sweeping the web resembles nothing so much as a creative-writing exercise, the New York Times reports. “25 Random Things About Me” propagates through chain-letter style email, or on Facebook as a note, with recipients forwarding their lists to 25 others. “Photos or news stories have spread... More »

One Month, 50K Words: Writers Race to Finish Novels

National Novel Writing Month gives creative types an unrelenting deadline

(Newser) - Aspiring novelists are packing coffee shops in the Twin Cities and elsewhere as the frenzy of National Novel Writing Month heats up, Minnesota Public Radio reports. Founded roughly a decade ago, “Nanowrimo” challenges writers to conquer procrastination and get 50,000 words down during November. The emphasis, say the... More »

Aspiring Novelist? Read This

Fiction writer offers tips on juggling creativity, career

(Newser) - “I’ve always wanted to write” is something novelist Allegra Goodman hears a lot, so she lays out some advice in the Boston Globe for the doctors, venture capitalists, and lactation consultants with stories to tell:
  • “To begin, don’t write about yourself.” Writing is about imagining
... More »

Not Very PC: Why Typewriters Beat Computers

Fed up with tech snafus, some Brits reach for the Wite-Out

(Newser) - Favored by novelists and technophobes and sold out of car trunks, typewriters remain the implement of choice for some Brits, reports BBC. Despite their weight and Internet deficiencies, the tangible writing experience free from computer meltdowns or deletions may save the typewriter from extinction—at least for now. One sales... More »

Surrealist Simic Named Poet Laureate

15th national bard known for his dark humor and irony

(Newser) - Charles Simic, a surrealist poet whose style gleams with dark imagery and ironic humor, will be named the United States' 15th poet laureate today. The 69-year-old, who replaces fellow New Hampshirite Donald Hall, has published more than 20 volumes of poetry as well as essay collections, translations and a memoir. More »

8 Stories