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FEMA Wants Homeowners to Repay $5.8M in Sandy Aid

Overpayments likely a result of bureaucratic mistakes, not fraud

(Newser) - After Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast nearly two years ago, the federal government quickly sent out $1.4 billion in emergency disaster aid to the hurricane's victims. Now, thousands of people might have to pay back their share. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is scrutinizing about 4,500... More »

NY Rep to Okla. Senator: I'll Overlook Your Hypocrisy

Inhofe opposed Sandy aid but wants tornado aid

(Newser) - You knew this was coming: Peter King, who fought hard for Superstorm Sandy aid for his home state of New York, thinks there's "a lot of hypocrisy" when it comes to lawmakers who opposed Sandy aid but are in favor of tornado aid. The subject of his attention... More »

$700M in Katrina, Rita Aid May Have Been Squandered

24K families given up to $30K each

(Newser) - Officials lack "conclusive evidence" that up to $700 million in federal aid following hurricanes Katrina and Rita was used appropriately, a federal investigation finds. Some of the 24,000 families who received up to $30,000 apiece to elevate their homes used the money for another purpose, while others... More »

Chris Christie: Treat Us Like Katrina Victims

Governor makes pitch for more federal aid

(Newser) - New York and New Jersey are looking for federal aid in their ongoing Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, and they're not being modest in their requests. "We expect to be treated in exactly the same way that the victims of Katrina were treated," Chris Christie said—a statement... More »

Northeast Cuts Heating Aid for Poor

Thousands could suffer

(Newser) - Thousands of people in the Northeast could be left in the cold this winter, as the federal government cuts heating aid to the poor. Congress is considering cutting more than $1 billion from last year's $4.7 billion Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program budget, which helped almost 9... More »

Mr. Cantor, 'Have You Left No Sense of Decency?'

He is typical of the GOP's dangerous new style: Paul Krugman

(Newser) - Paul Krugman opens up on Eric Cantor in a scathing column today, accusing the House majority leader of taking victims of Hurricane Irene "hostage" by demanding that federal relief be offset with spending cuts . Cantor used the same kind of tactic in the debt ceiling talks, and Krugman sees... More »

FEMA Chief to Cantor: Whatever

Plus, Conn. guv to Ron Paul: You're an 'idiot'

(Newser) - Eric Cantor may want budget cuts to offset any federal aid for Hurricane Irene, but FEMA director Craig Fugate says “psssh” to that. “In this country, Americans have always come to the aid of other Americans in a crisis and disaster,” Fugate said on NBC’s Today.... More »

Record Number Enrolled in Medicaid

One in 6 Americans now in federal anti-poverty programs

(Newser) - The recession has sent a record one in six Americans into federal anti-poverty programs, according to a new USA Today survey. More than 50 million are now enrolled in Medicaid, a number that has jumped 17% since the recession’s official start in December 2007. “Virtually every Medicaid director... More »

US Takes Majority Stake in GMAC

Government gives auto lender another $3.8B in aid

(Newser) - The government gave GMAC Financial Services another $3.8 billion in cash and took a majority stake in the auto lender, aiming to stabilize the company as it struggles with big losses in its home mortgage unit. The fresh infusion is on top of $12.5 billion in taxpayer money... More »

AIG's Woes Point to Larger Insurance Crisis

Federal aid may offer AIG a competitive advantage in ailing industry

(Newser) - AIG’s troubles were quickly blamed on a single, obscure wing of the company, but its problems extend to its core life-insurance division—underscoring dangerous weaknesses across the entire industry and pointing to the possibility of a second financial crisis, the Los Angeles Times reports. What's more, by offering AIG... More »

Chrysler, GM May Need 'Considerably' More US Aid

(Newser) - Chrysler and GM could end up needing a “considerably higher” amount than the $21.6 billion so far requested, Bloomberg reports. Steven Rattner, who heads President Obama’s auto task force, said it's possible the request could go as high as $40 billion. He also said that Chrysler’s... More »

Welfare Rolls Rising for First Time Since '90s

Tide of middle-class jobless could seriously strain program

(Newser) - Welfare numbers are rising in many states for the first time since public assistance was redefined more than a decade ago, the Washington Post reports. The numbers are still small compared to the days before welfare was retooled to steer people into jobs, but at least a dozen states say... More »

Food Stamp Use Nears Record High

Rising unemployment set to push benefit numbers past 30M

(Newser) - Rising unemployment is expected to push the number of Americans on food stamps to an all-time high of more than 30 million this month, the Washington Post reports. Food pantries say they are also experiencing a surge in demand and a hunger hotline in Washington DC says its calls have... More »

Officials: Texas Needs $40B From Feds for Ike Cleanup

Mayors ask Congress to move quickly on relief

(Newser) - Texas officials told Congress today they might need up to $40 billion in aid to rebuild the state's hurricane-hit areas, the Houston Chronicle reports. The state's lieutenant governor sought at least $11.5 billion of aid and as many trailer homes as available to help the 770 communities damaged by... More »

Dems Put Auto Aid in Fast Lane

It's about jobs, Pelosi says

(Newser) - House Democrats are considering a $25 billion rescue plan for the flagging US auto industry, the Los Angeles Times reports, hoping to speed the measure through Congress in a matter of weeks. “This is very, very important,” said Nancy Pelosi. “It's about jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs.... More »

Casino Panel Snagged Aid Intended for Katrina Victims

FEMA sat on donated goods for 2 years, then gave them to state agencies

(Newser) - Household goods donated to help Hurricane Katrina victims instead ended up in the hands of 11 state agencies, including a gaming commission, CNN reports. FEMA stored 121 truckloads of items two years before handing them over to agencies like the Mississippi Gaming Commission. Leaders of groups helping Katrina victims were... More »

Flood Recedes, But Only 1 Well Remains

Cedar Rapids restricts water use for next few days

(Newser) - Floodwaters receded today after 24,000 people fled Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but only one well is uncontaminated to service the city, CNN reports. Officials say it will run down if people take showers and flush toilets over the next 3 or 4 days. "Water is still our primary concern,... More »

Shutoffs Loom as Heating Costs Spiral

With record number behind on bills, federal grants fall short

(Newser) - As heating-fuel costs climb, millions of Americans are behind on electric and gas bills—and a record number will face a shutoff over the next 2 months, the New York Times reports. A federal grant program to help beleaguered consumers keep the heat on covers just 35% of a winter's... More »

New Fear for Katrina Victims: Collectors

Company claims it overpaid on some rebuilding grants

(Newser) - A contractor responsible for doling out federal rebuilding money to Katrina victims is seeking another company to collect what may amount to hundreds of millions of dollars from Katrina victims. ICF International claims it overpaid some applicants in a rush to get $11 billion out the door; meanwhile, a third... More »

Feds Send $5M to Repair Bridge

(Newser) - The federal government released $5M to Minneapolis today to help with cleanup and rebuilding after the I-35W bridge collapsed yesterday. Minnesota's senators say they'll need $100M and 2 years to repair the bridge fully. "We in the federal government must respond, and respond robustly," President Bush said. More »

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