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Bambi Is Best Weepy: Poll

Ghost edges out Titanic , and cartoons are well represented in online outcome

(Newser) - Bambi is the best “tear-jerker” ever, the Daily Telegraph reports. An online poll puts the Disney cartoon at the top of the list, and it should be no surprise: Even Paul McCartney credits the death of Bambi’s mother for his vegetarianism. Ghost, the sentimental story of the relationship... More »

Don't Forget the Tissues and Ice Cream

Curl up on the couch and irrigate your eyeballs with these 10 tearjerkers

(Newser) - Entertainment Weekly combs its impressive video library and comes up with 50 films will that wring sobs from even the most unfeeling of viewers. The top 10:
  1. Terms of Endearment (1983)
  2. Bambi (1942)
  3. Sophie's Choice (1982)
  4. An Affair to Remember (1957)
  5. It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
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2 Stories