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Common Psychology Myths

Armchair therapists need to shut up

(Newser) - Everyone likes to pretend they know things about psychology. Unfortunately, most of what you hear is total crap, a psychology student writes for Cracked. Some top offenders:
  • Let Your Anger Out, You’ll Feel Better: Actually, you’ll just want to be more angry. “Lashing out to control your
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Six Key Misconceptions About Women Voters

Top of the list: females not a unified voting bloc

(Newser) - The campaigns are desperate to know what makes women voters tick, but much political thinking is still marred by gross misconceptions about the key group. MSNBC lists the most egregious:
  1. Women are a homogenous voting bloc. Not only do they not share a common geography, attitude or philosophy, but even
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Five Common Mistakes About Cancer

Awash in information, many remain dangerously misinformed

(Newser) - An American Cancer Society survey of 1,000 adults, as reported in Time, determined five major misconceptions about the disease.
  1. The risk of dying from cancer in the United States is increasing.
  2. Living in a polluted city is a greater risk for lung cancer than smoking a pack of cigarettes
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3 Stories