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Every Single School in the Ivy League Wants This Girl

Ifeoma White-Thorpe wants to study biology, but says her poetry got her in

(Newser) - Ifeoma White-Thorpe is going places. Two years ago, the New Jersey teen won the grand prize in the National Liberty Museum Selma Speech and Essay Contest (watch her recite it on YouTube ), she's aced all of her AP classes, she's president of her high school's student... More »

Verdict In on Whether Lee Harvey Oswald Pic Is a Fake

3D imaging by Dartmouth scientists shows backyard photo is for real

(Newser) - For decades, conspiracy theorists have claimed the famous "backyard photo" of Lee Harvey Oswald, which shows him holding the same type of rifle used to assassinate JFK, is a fake—a claim that Oswald himself made when he was arrested. But thanks to a scientist who has studied this... More »

Dartmouth Bans Hard Liquor

...even if you're of age

(Newser) - Dartmouth College's president is no fan of bad behavior, and hasn't minced words on the subject in the past: In an April speech, he cited "dangerous drinking" and a "general disregard for human dignity" at the school. Now, after months of what the Washington Post terms... More »

Bad Behavior Ruining Dartmouth, Says Its President

Philip Hanlon: Sex assaults, drinking, racism, sexism call for big changes

(Newser) - Dartmouth College's president has offered a stinging critique of his own school, saying that its future "is being hijacked by extreme behavior." In a speech last night, Philip Hanlon said sex assaults, rampant "dangerous drinking," and parties featuring "racist and sexist undertones" are undermining... More »

Tsarnaev Smoked Pot All the Time: Classmates

'It's like finding out your best friend is a serial killer,' says student of Dzhokar

(Newser) - Dzhokar Tsarnaev doesn't sound much like a cold-blooded killer when described by his classmates and friends at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. "He smoked a lot of pot," says Tsarnaev's dorm neighbor, Patrick Yaghoobian. "He smelled like it every day," and the smell often... More »

Are Classic Books Obsolete?

Dartmouth researchers think so, but Laura Miller begs to differ

(Newser) - Take a gander at all the one-star Amazon reviews for classic works of literature, and you might think the canon is going out of style—and a new Dartmouth study thinks you're right. Researchers examined the language in a host of public domain digital texts published between 1550 and... More »

Barney Frank: Sorry for Hoodie Joke

'No one will shoot at you' in a graduation hood, he assured Hubie Jones

(Newser) - Barney Frank is apologizing for opening up his super-sized mouth this weekend: Seems the soon-to-be former Massachusetts congressman made a crack about the Trayvon Martin case at a graduation ceremony this weekend, the AP reports. Speaking at a Dartmouth commencement Sunday, in which the university also gave an honorary degree... More »

Gross Hazing Charges Rock Dartmouth

College charges 27 after senior claims pledges forced to swim in vomit

(Newser) - Dartmouth College is in a tizzy over allegations of some seriously sick hazing at one of its fraternities. Former Sigma Alpha Epsilon member Andrew Lohse caused an uproar with a school newspaper column describing how pledges were pressured to swim in kiddie pools filled with puke and rotten food. The... More »

Perry Puts US Revolution in Wrong Century

He tells fraternity about founding fathers' 16th-century fight

(Newser) - George Washington must be rolling over in his grave: Rick Perry blew into a Dartmouth frat house after the debate yesterday and launched into an explanation of his view that the founding fathers fought for state rights during the American Revolution—in the 16th century, notes ABC News . He was... More »

Ivy Donations Are 'Loathsome'

Giving to 'Affirmative Action for Rich' is 'moral crime,' writes Hamilton Nolan

(Newser) - Gawker's Hamilton Nolan is scrambling onto the anti-Ivy League bandwagon by slamming donations to the elitist institutions as "loathsome" and a "moral crime." The schools "are terrible choices for huge donations. Supporting education is a worthy cause; but there are many, many more effective ways... More »

Colleges That Pay Off

These schools offer a good return on investment

(Newser) - Which colleges pay off? PayScale crunched the numbers to compute the best returns on investment—by comparing the cost of a degree against what its students earn upon graduation—and Huffington Post rounds up the best of the bunch:
  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: annual ROI: 12.6%; 30-year ROI: $1.
... More »

Shriveled Sports Scene Irks Some Ivy Alums

(Newser) - The Ivy League has a reputation for excellence in all things, but the consignment of its sports programs—particularly the more visible ones like football and basketball—to college athletics’ second tier has alumni clamoring for change, the Wall Street Journal reports. Academic standards limit the pool of top student-athletes... More »

Fewer Medical Students Considering Primary Care

Shortage of family doctors looms: study

(Newser) - Just 2% of graduating medical students say they plan to work in primary care, forecasting a shortage of doctors who coordinate care and keep costs low, the AP reports. And it’s not just higher pay luring them away: They fear the paperwork and increased workload. Primary-care doctors must “... More »

Ivy Leaguers Start Ahead, Stay Ahead

Take that English degree to Wall Street and you'll still cash in

(Newser) - How much you make correlates with where you went to school, a new study finds. Bachelor’s degree holders’ salaries grow at the same rate over the first decade of their careers regardless of the school, the Wall Street Journal reports, but Ivy League graduates’ median starting salary is 32%... More »

Top Colleges Report Record Low Rates of Admission

Harvard accepts just 7% of applicants

(Newser) - Acceptance letters from the nation's top colleges will begin to arrive on prospective students' doorsteps today, but far more rejection letters are in the mail than ever before, reports the New York Times. Harvard and Yale accepted only 7.1% and 8.3% of applicants, respectively, both record lows as... More »

Recruiters Pick Top 10 Biz Schools

WSJ 's annual rankings come up with some surprising choices

(Newser) - Ivy Leaguers and Mormons round out this year's eclectic list of top MBA programs.  To come up with the rankings WSJ and Harris Interactive asked 4,430 recruiters to rank M.B.A. programs on 21 attributes, including leadership potential, and communication skills.  National Rankings:
  1. Dartmouth College (Tuck)
... More »

Top 10 US Business Schools

Step it up a notch (and raise your profile) at these elite centers of learning.

(Newser) - Forbes ranked these business schools not only on their prestige but for their return on investment.
  1. Dartmouth (Tuck)
  2. Stanford
  3. Harvard
More »

Schools Cater to Tech-Enamored Students

New teaching, learning styles may spell an end to lectures

(Newser) - An increasing number of colleges and universities are using new Web applications to engage a generation of students eager to collaborate—and strut their stuff—on the Internet. Blogs, wikis, and other collaborative tools are being used as more than just empty Web 2.0 buzzwords, CNET reports; they allow... More »

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