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Save a Bundle: The Best Days for Online Shopping

Need pants? Try Mondays

(Newser) - If your passion is fashion, any time might seem the right time to hit the Web for deals. But it turns out that when you shop matters, says Need a pair of pants? Mondays are best, with savings of nearly 50% on average. If you need a pair... More »

Businessmen Strip Off the Power Suit

As bankers fall out of fashion, so do their stodgy duds

(Newser) - To the list of casualties of the economic crisis, add the three-button power suit. And don't cry for the fashion industry—men are investing in replacements for their cookie-cutter wool security blankets, making men's clothing priced over $100 one of the few bright spots in the bleak retail landscape, reports... More »

Madge's Make-up Artist: How to Look Fab at 50

Forget the rules, exude confidence

(Newser) - If anyone knows a thing or two about looking young, it's Madonna's makeup artist. Gina Brooke provides the Boston Globe with tips on how she keeps the 50-year-old pop star fresh, like a virgin:
  • Find the perfect cleanser and moisturizer to hydrate aging skin.
  • Eat food rich in vitamins C
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Michelle Obama, Kate Hudson On Best Dressed List

(Newser) - It's time once again for People's annual roundup of those beauties who take glamor to another level. And the winners are:
  1. Kate Hudson: Went beyond haute hippy to refined elegance.
  2. Rihanna: The 'do would have been enough to earn her a top spot.
  3. Gwyneth Paltrow: A trim of the hair,
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Deep V-Necks No Longer Welcome at Tee Party

Fashion-forward twist on plain white T-shirt goes too far—and too far down, some say

(Newser) - The deep V-neck T-shirt, that "misguided ode to the male sternum," has taken the classic, plain, white version to a place so fashion forward many are hoping it gets lost there, Kate Radway writes in Radar. "I see them on the street and I am almost sick... More »

Donatella to Hillary: Dresses Are OK

Clinton 'doesn't have to wear pants to show she is strong,' fashion mogul advises

(Newser) - Don't say fashion and politics don't mix—Donatella Versace thinks one way Hillary Clinton can revive what's left of her campaign for president is to soften her look, the New York Post reports. "She could dress a little more feminine. She doesn't have to wear pants to show she... More »

Gray Goosed: Color Shines in Spring Fling

From gallery to runway to makeup, shade is now chic in all seasons

(Newser) - An unexpected shadow has fallen over runways this spring: Gray is the neutral shade of the moment, W magazine reports. Once a seasonal look, gray—be it silvery, smoky, or tinged with brown—has become a year-round staple, replacing “black in fashion and beige in makeup,” says Chantecaille’... More »

Thou Shalt Not Wear Stained Neckties

Fashion sinners won't burn in hell but may burn with shame

(Newser) - Forbes gives fashion-impaired guys a few much-needed tips. Here are 10 fashion sins to be avoided at all costs:
  1. Pants that are too long or too short.
  2. White socks with dress shoes.
  3. Mixing patterns, especially from different color families.
  4. Ties that are too long or too short.
  5. Stained clothing.
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