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RadioShack's 'Bleak' Ending Is Playing Out Online

Depressing tweets as once-giant retailer shuts more than 1,000 stores

(Newser) - As we all headed back to work after the Memorial Day weekend, little did we know that our options for purchasing germanium diodes, walkie-talkies, and electrolytic capacitors were starting to cruelly be yanked away. RadioShack has shuttered more than 1,000 of its storefronts since the holiday weekend and says... More »

RadioShack's New Executive: Nick Cannon

He's named chief creative officer

(Newser) - Amazingly, RadioShack not only still exists , it has made a big hire: Nick Cannon was on Wednesday named chief creative officer. (As Sam Machkovech at Ars Technica notes, "Actor/rapper Nick Cannon is also Radio Shack's new Chief Shirtless Officer, from the look of that Twitter profile photo ."... More »

RadioShack Is Hawking Its Name, Your Data

Hedge fund puts in $15M bid

(Newser) - The name that brothers Theodore and Milton Deutschmann came up with for their ham radio store in 1921 is up for sale—and, more controversially, so are the email addresses and other customer data RadioShack collected before filing for bankruptcy in February. The current top bid is $15 million and... More »

RadioShack Files for Chapter 11

Electronics store had tried to stave off bankruptcy

(Newser) - Struggling electronics retailer RadioShack has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and says it will sell up to 2,400 stores. The Fort Worth, Texas company said today that it was also having discussions to sell all of its remaining assets . RadioShack Corp. introduced one of the first mass-market personal... More »

Amazon Might Buy RadioShack Storefronts

Bankruptcy looms for RadioShack; some locations may be purchased

(Newser) - has long been trying to boost its physical presence in the real world , and this could be its biggest move yet: Bloomberg , citing multiple insiders, reports that the online retailer is in talks to acquire some RadioShack storefronts. RadioShack has been struggling and is expected to file for... More »

8 Iconic Stores That Have Disappeared

From Filene's Basement to Tower Records

(Newser) - This week, Radioshack announced the closing of some 1,100 stores, prompting speculation as to whether it will go the way of Blockbuster. That reminds a nostalgic Caitlin Dewey at the Washington Post of the key stores of yesteryear that just aren't there anymore:
  1. After more than 100 years,
... More »

Radioshack Bleeding, Will Close 1 in 5 Stores

Company announces dismal holiday sales numbers

(Newser) - Radioshack released an absolutely grisly quarterly report today, and on its heels came plans to close as many as 1,100 stores—or about 20% of its total, the Wall Street Journal reports. The company said it had lost $191.4 million over the holiday quarter, a huge jump from... More »

McDonald's Is Most Visited Business in America

Nearly half of US consumers visited at least once last month, says study

(Newser) - Just how popular are the golden arches? So popular that nearly half of US consumers visited them last month, according to a new study spotted by the Consumerist . The study, from the new Placed Insights service, sought to determine which businesses Americans visit most. Fast food dominates the list, but... More »

4 Stores on the Brink in 2013

Best Buy, JC Penney, Sears, RadioShack have their work cut out for them

(Newser) - The retail world is changing, and some old-school giants are struggling to change with it. Today the Wall Street Journal took a look at four companies facing a do-or-die 2013:
  • Best Buy: People still go to Best Buy … to look at things they intend to buy on Amazon later.
... More »

RadioShack Sells Kid, 13, Porn-Filled Cell Phone

Mom is unamused, suing RadioShack, Sprint

(Newser) - Here's today's big "oops": Marcia Jones says she visited her local RadioShack to purchase what she thought were two new cell phones for herself and her 13-year-old daughter. But upon booting up the phones, they found pornographic images uploaded from the phones' previous owners, reports the Atlanta ... More »

Radio Shack Ditches 'Radio' to Become ... 'The Shack'

(Newser) - From all accounts, Radio Shack is set to rebrand itself “The Shack,” Joshua Topolsky writes for Engadget. “It makes perfect sense—radios aren’t exactly considered cutting edge these days,” Topolsky writes, and “the store is about to launch a full assault on the mobile... More »

Dow Shocks with 92 Point Gain

But credit worries still lurking

(Newser) - The Dow rebuffed Wall St.'s bearish ambiance today, picking up 92.84 points to close at 13,358.31. One analyst says the weekend calmed jitters that led to a 500 point bloodletting at the end of last week, and a day without any major economic shakeups or earnings... More »

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