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Cops Unamused by Man's 'Police Maserati'

Driver charged with impersonating police officer

(Newser) - A Massachusetts driver with a Maserati painted like a police car was stopped by a police officer who realized that even the cops in Monaco don't drive Maseratis. The Braintree driver, who was charged with impersonating a police officer, had made the $100,000 luxury Italian car look like... More »

8 Insane Ways You Can Customize Your Rolls-Royce

Want a set of wheels for each day of the week? They can do that

(Newser) - What, exactly, is the point of having a Rolls-Royce if you're not going to get it specifically tailored to your every extravagant whim and desire? Business Insider rounds up 16 of the most over-the-top customizations Rolls-Royce has ever done for its customers. A sampling:
  • Put a built-in thermos in
... More »

China to Military: Stop Driving Flashy Cars

Beijing bans Porsches, Beemers with military plates

(Newser) - China is yanking the keys from military brass who like to zip around in posh Mercedes and Porsches. Under new President Xi Jinping's crackdown on corruption , the country has banned the use of military plates on luxury cars, according to state news. The new government is concerned with its... More »

Cadillac Gets Its First Car of the Year Award

And Dodge walks off with Truck of the Year

(Newser) - Cadillac won North American Car of the Year for the first time in the award's 19-year history, with the honor going to the ATS at this year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Dodge Ram 1500 was named Truck of the Year, the first win for... More »

Miami's New Toy: $229K Car

The McLaren officially arrives this week

(Newser) - Car lovers in Miami with cash to burn have a choice new item on the menu, reports the Miami Herald : the Brit import McLaren, which starts at $229,000. A local dealer formally opens its showroom tomorrow, adding to South Florida's reputation as "one of the hottest markets... More »

China Leaders Love Luxe Cars

Activists fume as officials drive Bentleys, Maseratis

(Newser) - China's political leaders have long loved pricey cars, but public anger is rising over bureaucrats who wheel around in Bentleys and Maseratis, reports the LA Times . Defying government censorship, angry citizens are snapping photos of luxury autos and posting them on websites. "Corruption on wheels is an accurate... More »

US Has New Luxury Car Champ

BMW edges out Mercedes-Benz for crown

(Newser) - The Beamers win: BMW has earned the honor of being the top-selling luxury brand of car in the US for 2011, reports the Wall Street Journal . It takes the title from Toyota's Lexus, which had dominated for a decade but never quite recovered from the March earthquake and tsunami... More »

Bentley Planning $140K SUV

2011 brought company first profit in years

(Newser) - Times may be tough, but the market for the most luxurious of luxury cars is booming at Bentley, and the British-based automaker is ready to capitalize on it. The company is considering building an SUV that would be priced at more than $140,000—and odds are good that the... More »

Man Crashes $380K Car 6 Hours After Winning It

David Dopp says he'll be more careful next time

(Newser) - A Utah contest winner received a $380,000 Lamborghini Murcielago last Saturday … and promptly crashed it six hours later. "Yeah, I got it on Saturday and I wrecked it on Saturday," David Dopp tells . Dopp had entered a "Joe Schmo to Lambo" contest organized... More »

China's Superrich Swoon at Luxury Auto Show

Some 'collectors' don't even plan to drive the cars

(Newser) - As the ranks of millionaires and billionaires swell in China, there’s an increasing demand for luxury goods in the country. This year marks the first time China is hosting its own version of Top Marques, the luxury auto show that began eight years ago in Monaco. Ferraris and Lamborghinis... More »

Aston Martin Debuts Mini-Car

Cygnet is intended for 'luxury commuting'

(Newser) - Aston Martin released pictures of a tiny new concept car intended for "luxury commuting" today. The Cygnet, a miniature coupe that resembles a luxe Tata Nano, will be available only to existing Aston Martin customers. The hope is that they'll use the gas-efficient Cygnet to commute and run errands,... More »

China Binges on Luxury Cars

Mercedes, BMW, Audi get big bump from the dragon

(Newser) - The hottest new market for luxury cars is China, where Mercedes, Audi, and BMW all reported huge increases in sales in November. Mercedes delivered 8,700 cars to China last month, the company said, “nearly three times the number sold in November 2008.” Audi sales more than doubled... More »

Rolls-Royce Unveils Budget Limo

(Newser) - Rolls-Royce has good news for cash-strapped millionaires: They won’t have to condescend to buy a Bentley, Time reports. The automaker, known for its gigantic limousines, is about to release the Ghost, a short, sleek four-door sedan priced at a mere $245,000. That’s a sight lower than the... More »

Luxury Car Sales Hit the Skids

Shine wears off top end of auto market as downturn bites

(Newser) - Sales of luxury cars are dropping as fast as their downmarket counterparts, the Wall Street Journal reports. Sales of top-end vehicles plunged 30% last month, spelling major trouble for carmakers who had been relying on fat profit margins on luxury cars to offset falling demand for mass-markets vehicles. Analysts... More »

Top 10 Priciest Cars to Own

Mercedes takes top four spots on Forbes list

(Newser) - Gas prices may be sinking, but the owners of luxury and high-performance vehicles wouldn't know it. Factoring in $4-plus premium gas, depreciation, insurance, fees, and sales tax, some top cars cost double over a 5-year stretch what owners first paid. Forbes wheels out the priciest (including 5-year pricetag): More »

Against the Odds, Maserati Sales Jump

12-MPG, $115K sports car sees 20% US growth so far in '08

(Newser) - Buoyed by wealthy, middle-aged men who can afford to defy high gas prices and a plummeting economy, sales of Maserati luxury cars are up in the US this year, Bloomberg reports. Common brands like Lexus and BMW have seen sales fall, but the very rich don't skimp when they see... More »

Audi Aims to 'Outsnob Mercedes'

Luxury car maker amps up prestige with R8 supercar

(Newser) - Prestigious Audi seeks to turn its nose even higher and “outsnob Mercedes” by 2015, Esquire reports—not in sales, but in swanky elements, including:
  1. Over-the-top bells and whistles: A Bang & Olufsen stereo system has tweeters popping out of the dash, which aim to silence the nearest BMW.
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How to Be Middle-Class Rich

You don't have to have über-big bucks to spend like you do

(Newser) - Middle-class millionaires are carving out a luxe lifestyle to define their 16.5-million strong group, Forbes reports. And while the $1 million to $10 million stashed in the bank doesn’t make them all that rich, that doesn't put much of a dent in lavish spending habits:
  1. Mega-home improvements, to
... More »

Luxury Cars Flunk Damage Tests

Weak bumpers, expensive parts drive up costs of repairing high-end vehicles

(Newser) - Luxury cars will rack up exorbitantly expensive damage after even low-speed impacts, a federal safety report says. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety numbers out today show that 11 high-end vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Nissan models, have bumpers that are too weak and impact absorbers that don't extend far enough—... More »

Lexus Reaches for Luxury Cachet

Wealthy suburbanites' car of choice gets high-end makeover

(Newser) - Stodgy luxury standby Lexus is trying to trade up to the hot "prestige luxury" market with a new line of $70,000 and up automobiles.  Along with the new models comes a massive rebranding effort that aims, says a  marketing manager, to get "Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci... More »

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